PROVE YOUR LOVE... Notice this article is primarily for singles.
However, married folks can also read and learn something from it).
Someone once said, "Talk is cheap." And he was right. These days anybody can say anything they like or want. But not many have the required guts to back their words with actions. Actions are forever better than words.

These days, the subject LOVE is the most trendy and most debated. It's one subject that appeals the most to everybody's emotions. Who doesn't like love? Who doesn't truly want to fall in love and love in return?
However, love is an action word. It implies more of what we do than say. It's provable in nature. Any love that can't be proven is fake. When love graduates from a confession to an action, happiness happens.

For a relationship or marriage to thrive, love must be proven not just by our words but by our actions also. In fact, marriage is where love should get to its zenith, love should be pushed to its very limits. But love must start at the level of relationship. That's the basis.
You can't love someone and not be committed to them. You can't love someone and not give them your all. You can't love someone and not make sacrifices for them. You can't love someone and be cheating on them. You can't love someone and maltreat them. You can't love someone and abandon them when the chips are low. You can't love someone and abandon them in times of sicknesses. You can't love someone and not respect them. You can't love someone and divorce them.
Love is not a "theory" but an action that we are to prove over and again to our lover. Believe it or not, love is best seen in contrary circumstances. Like faith, it is tested day by day, and its strength and beauty radiate more in times of difficulties.
For singles in a love relationship, prove your love to each other. Don't withhold. Don't play games. Don't play with someone's heart and feelings. Don't break someone's heart. It's a dangerous and evil thing to do. If you're still unsure about loving him/her please hold on until you are ready. Be truthful and real.
Truthfully, it takes two partners to be truly in love to have a working relationship. A lot of relationships and marriages are unhealthy because only one party is truly committed. ONE true lover is never ENOUGH. It takes TWO. Please don't be desperate to fully give your heart to someone who hasn't proven his/her to you. Please don't be a fool.

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