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I have a message for you,iam here to tell you dat Marriage is turn by
turn, if you are still single and you are waiting for yours, do not give up or be discouraged because your turn will come.
Forgive your past. Right now you are thinking about how better your life would be if you had only done a few things differently. You keep looking back trying to change what you feel like were mistakes you made in the past. But forgive yourself. You can't erase the person you tried to love. You can't get back the job opportunity you passed up on. And you can't take a different route to a road you were destined to travel.
So forgive yourself and then be proud of yourself because your past has given you wisdom, courage and outlook. And sometimes mistakes make big breaks. Sometimes your past can be the driving force to fix where you are currently going. You have a very big blessing coming your way. Everything you went through has prepared you for what you are about to receive.
Finally,Incase you have forgot,Who ve the Final Say in your life ? Jehovah ve the final say. So dat God will give you a person who is always going to make you feel like you don’t have anything you need to be worried about. This person is going to be your home; and you’re going to feel at home regardless of where you are in the world so as long as you’re together. Relax God is your strength and you are getting marriage soon in Jesus Name Amen.

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