Bauchi Rainstorm Destroys Properties, Five Feared Dead

Bauchi Rainstorm Destroys Properties, Five Feared Dead
Tears and weariness has overwhelmed inhabitants of a particular
community in Bauchi as five people are feared dead after a rainstorm hit a few community in Bauchi State during the previous weekend.

The rain, which began around 4.49pm and kept going very nearly to an hour, left families terrified as the tempest blew the top of their homes awayy. While a few houses were totally leveled to the foundation level, some were left without wall and some were mostly ravaged.
Some of the worst hit areas are Wuntin-Dada, Tsohon Kanfani, Lafiyari, Yelwa, Rafin Zurfi, Inkil, Guru, Yelwa-Makaranta, Bakaro, Miri, Tiwum, Railway road and Government Reservation Area.

Though no death has been reported officially, a source with the Bauchi State Emergency Management Agency said “We understand that two children died at Zango and three people died at Tirwum and several others were injured.”

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