Episode 1 | Love Me Again ( Episode Love Story)

Episode 1 | Love Me Again ( Episode Love Story)
The story titled "Love Me Again" is a true life story written By
Loudest Thoughts .
The greater part of the
significant characters will be included with their own side of the story to make it all the more intriguing to take in a considerable measure from the story. I urge you to always put down your comments to impress Aynaijablog CEO for more updates.#


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“Time is Everything in Marriage”
Gosh its 6: 00 Am already, I stretched my arms towards my alarm and managed to say; D--n it Babs why didn’t you wake me up, I asked my sleepy wife struggling to get out of her sleep. I ignored her and quickly rushed to the washroom, within some few minutes I was out of there and on my way out with my briefcase and my car keys. Darling am sorry but breakfast would be ready in 5minutes, I ignored her once more and off I drove away. I felt guilty treating her as such this morning but am beginning to think she’s getting too lazy lately, at least that was the only way I could defend my actions towards her lately.
“Feelings of the first day is like buying a new something you can’t do without”
My wife Barbara and I got married two years ago in a small congregation in San Francisco where I met her during one of my business trips. With all the nice stories about how couples meet, ours was different. A very awkward one for that matter. After business one evening, I decided to go out for a walk, along the way, I felt the urge to urinate, as I entered I met this African lady in the males washroom who didn’t even notice I entered, her door was left ajar, I quickly took out my phone and on the shutter sound of the camera, she came out of her absent mindness forgetting she was yet to pull up her “pant”. There the fuss begun, she threatened to kill me if I do not delete the picture, I also threatened to put it on social media. She got furious and we started exchanging words in the washroom. I couldn’t tell why I was pissed but then I convinced myself probably because she was at the wrong place which of course didn’t make sense as to why I should make a big deal of it. For some couple of minutes, someone else entered and we pretended we were fine. Until I heard the guy say; gosh get a room. Barbara stared at me and for a second I saw something else in her eyes. She walked out and I followed forgetting what I came to do. I said please wait, she kept walking and I kept closing the distance, until she got to what seemed like her car, about to open and I shouted don’t you want your picture anymore. Then I thought I caught her attention but she looked back and said keep it for all I care. She got into her car and tried driving off which I nearly got hit because I was standing in her drive way. I could see her fuming in the car and finally got out, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT, and I replied I think I like you, at least let me apologize for what happened back there. Okay fine, can you get out of my way now she said. I got out of her way instantly having mixed feelings.
To be continued
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