Episode 1 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

Episode 1 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three
The day he will find out about
us, will be his last day on earth. Buba threatened.
My heart skipped a beat. Instantly, I felt dizzy.
Looking at how Buba hates me with passion, he can do anything wicked. I thought as I tiptoed back into my room.
I quickly grabbed the phone to listen to the recording.
I searched through the whole phone but I couldn't find it. Aaaaahhh, where is this conversation I just recorded? I wondered.
I tossed on the bed till the next morning.
I quickly did my chores and stepped out of the house.
I have to see Ganja. He's using a phone so I believe he can help me. I thought.
Soon, I got to their camp.
Good morning guys. I greeted.
Hey Zach, how body? It's been a long time you brought us food, what happened? One of the guys asked.
I'm sorry about that bro, I've been busy lately, please forgive me. I apologized.
Please where is Ganja? I asked.
Oh Ganja? He traveled for say, one week now. He bell me say, he go drop tomorrow sharp. The guy responded.
Damn! Who's going to help me retrieve this recording then? I don't trust any of the guys. I don't even want them to get a hint about it. I thought.
Alright bro, I will be back tomorrow to check on him. You guys should take care. I advised and walked away in worry.
Zach, where are you coming from? Buba asked immediately I got to the house.
Some kids came to knock at the gate and I was busy chasing them away.
Is someone looking for me? Or does someone need my services? I asked sarcastically.
Go to hell Zach, what better services can you render in this house? The fact that you have that stupid penis in between your thighs doesn't make you a champion. Get that into your thick skull. Buba responded angrily.
Calm down Buba, I am interested in this conversation.
Now tell me, do we now use penis in rendering services in this house? I'm a bit confused, please throw more light. I asked teasingly.
I will throw more darkness rather. Take your foolishness and get the hell out of my sight! Useless boy! He insulted to cover up.
Well Buba, you are the one standing in my sight now because this is my post, and you must rather get out of here. I responded.
Whatever! Primitive swine! He puffed and insulted as he walked out on me into the house.
I gave a half smile and sat quietly at my post, thinking about how to retrieve the recording to play to Mr Owusu.
I sat down for a while and decided to go into the house and take some water.
When I entered the house, I heard voices from upstairs. I knew Mama Becky and Buba were at it again but this time around, Mama seemed to be in distress.
I climbed up silently to see what was happening.
I spied on them through the door hole.
Buba please stop it! You are hurting me stop it! Ooouuucchh! This is painful! I can't bear it. I heard Mama screaming in pain.
Come on Mama, your son will be here any moment from now, please allow me to have my taste. Buba responded.
Buba! You are hurting me, stop or else I will scream! I said stop it! She said and forcefully pushed Buba on the bed.
Buba! How dare you sleep with me like a prostitute? You took your useless aphrodisiac and the best place you can penetrate is my anus? Are you mad? Mama said angrily.
Calm down Mama, Zach is at the gate, he might hear us. Please bring your voice down. Buba pleaded.
I don't care who hears me. All I know is am in pain. Now listen to me, this is your last time of sleeping with me. It is over between us. Get the hell out of my room now! Mama yelled.
Oh Mama! Are you breaking up with me because of this simple issue? I only tried to explore how anal sex feels like. I didn't have any intention of hurting you, please understand and forgive me. Buba pleaded.
Buba I said walk out of my room! Get the hell out! Mama yelled.
To be continued...

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