Episode 10 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

Thanks so much Ganja! God
bless you! I responded in an uncontrollable tears.
Ganja sent one of his guys to go for the goat whiles the rest stayed with him, guarding me.
Buba kept calling and Ganja put the phone on speaker out for us all to listen to their convo.
Hello boss, please how far? Is he dead or yet to die? He asked.
This job is ours ma guy. You don't have any problem, just continue fucking the woman, I will soon bring you the evidence. Ganja responded in a heavy voice.
Alright boss. Mama and I are waiting. She's desperate so kindly make it fast. Buba responded.
Ma guy, should I bring you his head as evidence or you need the whole body? I fit carry bring it to you for house. Ganja stated sarcastically.
No no no no boss! If you bring any of the body parts here, we might be caught. Just bring us pictures and we will burn them after watching. Buba responded in fear.
Alright ma guy. I go do a clean job for you and your mistress. Just have fun. Ganja responded and hanged up.
I stared into Ganja's face in tears.
Oh Ganja! So indeed, my brother wants me dead? Aahh! Life is not fair. I lamented.
Don't waste your tears on people who don't deserve it. Just be strong and bear in mind that, everyone has an enemy, and that enemy can even be your mother. Ganja advised.
In few minutes, the guy brought the goat.
Ganja took me to the backyard of the building and laid me in the grass. He then slaughtered the goat and sprinkled the blood on me.
The guys helped him to make me up with the blood.
Zach, we are going to chlorophyll you again. We need to make the whole process look real. In your unconscious state, we can do a clean job. Ganja explained.
Ganja, are you sure? Are you sure you are not going to kill me? I asked in fear.
Hahahah ma guy, if your own brother could wish you dead, I don't blame you if you doubt a stranger like me.
But hey, for once in your life, give trust a try. He said.
Alright Ganja, I don't even know why I'm afraid, my mother has cautioned me about fear. Please go ahead and do what your mind tells you is right. I said and closed my eyes.
They then placed the handkerchief on my nose and I passed out again.
I woke up subsequently to find myself in Ganja's room.
Zach ma guy, I welcome you back to a new life. A life of successful strategies. Ganja stated happily.
Thanks once again Ganja. How did the whole procedure go? I asked.
Ganja quickly brought out some of the pictures from his jacket and oh my God! Everything looked so real.
I was so impressed with the kind of job he has done.
Zach, you can't believe it if I play the voice recording I have on my phone to you. They were so happy when I sent the pictures to them.
I made them meet me at a place and I gave it to them.
Zach, I have their voices on my phone right now, but that is not enough evidence to expose them. They can easily deny it.
What we need is a photographic evidence. Ganja explained.
How do we get that Ganja? How? I asked confusedly.
Zach, you need to go back to the Owusu's house. Ganja answered.
What! Ganja! That sounds crazy. They are going to kill me! I screamed.
Calm down Zach. No one is going to kill you.
You ain't going with this face. My guys and I are going to disguise you.
I've already told Buba and Mama Becky that, I have a brother who is wild like me to protect them from being caught. And if anyone dares spy on them, my brother is going to kill them with ease.
I also told them that, my brother is dumb but not deaf.
In a nutshell Zach, you are not going to talk for them to hear your voice. You will stay calm and focused whiles I give you the directives to expose them. Is that ok by you? He asked.
This sounds scary but I am ready to go the extra mile to expose them. As far as I have you, I am sorted. I said.
That's the spirit ma guy. That's the "can do spirit". Ganja applauded.
First of all Zach, your wound needs treatment. I will go to the pharmacy with some of the money to purchase drugs to treat it for you.
The money for your death is now serving a purpose for your life. He teased.
We both laughed over it and he went out.
To be continued...

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