Episode 11 | Love Me Again ( Episode Love Story)

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and is a true life story composed By Loudest Thoughts. Most of the huge characters will be incorporated with their own side of the story to make everything more interesting and to take in an extensive measure from the story. I implore you to always put down your comments to inspire Aynaijablog CEO for more updates.
“When you make your mother in-law your best friend, your household will always be a happy one”
It was mother’s day and I called Clyde’s mum
Maa: Hello my daughter, so nice to hear your voice, so if Clyde doesn’t call for me to talk with you, you wouldn’t call me Clyde always does the calling and I speak with her. Me: Maa it’s not that way, being meaning to call but you know I want to do that on a special day like this Happy mother’s day,
Maa:Thank you my dear, how is everyone, have you heard from your parents since……. Since the wedding I have cut contact with my parents
Me:No Maa, I will find courage to call them soon. We spoke for a while and I hanged up, And she asked if am cooking home meal for her son which I replied sarcastically; Who wouldn’t want to do that for the love of their life?
After the call I thought about the food part and I wondered if he had told his mum anything I know she will take the sons side but then I will give her the benefit of the doubt if it turns out she knows But I doubt she does, since she hasn’t asked me,
She’s one of those mothers who would do anything for their son, So you better not step on her toes or do anything to his son when he is around. I remember, she came on one of those visits with her husband when we were still married and enjoying our marriage when I sheepishly told the son I was tired so we should eat out today, Which he agreed to, which was also a way of hanging out with the family then I thought When she heard me say that, she flared up, is that how I treat his son in this house It took a lot of work by my father in law and Clyde to calm her down which i spent a whole week to apologize for before they left the 3rd week. Since then we became good friends, whenever she visits, I know she likes home meal
I sat wondering what if I call home for once I picked the phone and dropped it, then for the third time it went through
Me: hel……….I went mute suddenly on the call
Mum: hello, who is there, Hello this is Mrs Wilson
Me: I know this voice like my own blood. That’s our slogan anytime we are playing tricks with our voices with my cousins
Mum: Barbara is that really you… Oh goodness, how are you calling me now, What happened, are you okay?
Me: Mum relax, am okay and nothing has happened.
Mum: you don’t sound and look good
Me: eeiii mummy, you will never change, besides you can’t see me
Mum: my dear, a mother can feel the daughters pains even 1000miles away
Me: Seriously everything is fine, and am okay, how are my brothers
Mum: they are doing well She took her time to brief me about their achievements for the past 3years I left home, I couldn’t believe I followed a man to this extent and cut contact with my family I had an opportunity to talk to my brothers as well Mum: Darling won’t you ask of your love?
Me: I know dad is fine, or he definitely will get over the heart break I was my dad’s heartbeat, He was my special friend and I know what I did will definitely break his heart
Mum: He was broken but then still believes you will come home one day.
Me: I hope he is aware am married and my place belongs just here with my husband
Mum: talking of husbands; how is he treating you? How has marriage been like? Was it what you thought of? Are you happy?
Me: you know too well to ask me this questions right now. Everything is fine, not what I expected but I knew it’s not going to be easy
Mum: what do you mean, has that guy turned you into a punching bag already Me: Mum? No,I mean there is a lot to deal with, But I have grown and looking after somebody else.
Not my mum looking after me anymore.
Just then Clyde walked in to the sitting room
Mum: Is he around, can I officially meet him now
Me: I don’t think that’s the best way, besides he just got back
Mum: My daughter, I just want to say Hi
Me: okay hold on whiles I pass on the phone I walked to his door and knocked
Clyde: What is it again woman, am tired of all this your whining’s
Me: Clyde my mum is on the line for you Immediately, he opened the door and shoved me an eye I handed the phone to him and waited to take it back,
I couldn’t tell what they were talking about close to minutes.
But I did hear Clyde say am taking good care of her. No need to mention, I shrugged! What care He pushed the phone to me and banged the door to my face
Mum and I spoke for some time and I hanged up promising to call back
To be continued

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