Episode 11 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON TWO

Zach or whatever you call
yourself, you are a threat to my happiness in this house and I must kick you out very fast. Mama threatened and walked out on me.
I kept thinking through her words and how best I could vindicate myself by exposing them.
First of all, I must get a phone so that I can record them to gain more evidence to expose them. I thought.
Soon it was 10 am and I joined the family in the sitting room.
I welcome you all to this family gathering. My agenda for this meeting is precise and concise. We must make it snappy for all of you to go back to your various posts. Mr Owusu said.
I am glad to inform you that, my only daughter Mabel will be leaving us in two weeks time to the states.
She's going to continue her studies there.
So officially, I'm informing the entire household on her behalf. Mr Owusu explained happily.
This sounds great daddy, but the house is going to be a bit boring without her. We will be missing her. Buba quickly responded.
Not at all Buba, Junior my son, has also finished with his course, so he will be coming back a month after Mabel's departure. Mr Owusu responded.
That is good daddy, that means, he's coming to fill Mabel's vacuum. I happily asked.
Yeah sure. You all have to be on your toes because unlike Mabel, Junior is tough and straight forward. Mr Owusu responded.
Mama Becky seemed unhappy. She kept staring at Buba's face trying to communicate something to him with her eyes.
Wow! This is a great news. A man who is tough will soon be in this house, and we shall see Buba's stand. I thought happily.
On this note, if anyone doesn't have anything else to say, I will like to dissolve the meeting. Mr Owusu said.
We all wished Mabel well and left for our posts. Buba to the kitchen and I to the gate.
A week later, I was at the gate when I heard Mr Owusu screaming in the house.
Where is everyone! Come here right now! I command you all.
I run into the house and I met Mr Owusu fuming in anger with Mama Becky standing beside him.
Just when I got there, Buba also came down from his room. So did Mabel.
We are here daddy. We chorused.
Which of you entered my room and took 5000 Ghana Cedis from my suitcase? He asked angrily.
We all went quiet.
I repeat for the very last time, I said which one of you, took money from my suitcase? He asked again.
We all responded negative to his question.
My husband, this is simple, let's go into their rooms and search. Mama suggested.
Now move! All of you. We are searching every room. Mr Owusu angrily said.
I just knew the worst had happened. I just knew the woman had framed me up.
Buba kept smiling while we climbed up.
Mabel's room was the first for the search, and nothing was found.
They entered my room and minutes later, came out with the money.
Mr Owusu slapped me hard.
You are such a disappointment Zach. So you had the guts to walk into my room to steal right? He yelled.
I tried speaking but Mama shut me up.
Shameless boy, will you shut your smelling mouth before I shut it for you?
Now go into your room and pack all your things. You are leaving this house this minute. You are not what I thought. Mr Owusu said.
I burst into uncontrollable tears.
Daddy please have mercy on me. Please don't sack me. I didn't steal the money. I have never entered your room. Please believe me. I pleaded in tears.
Mr Owusu held my shirt and dragged me on the floor into my room.
Pack up your things very fast. I don't even want to see your face here in the next ten minutes.
If I do, I will call the police to arrest you.
You are a criminal. Mr Owusu manhandled me with insults.
To be continued...

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