Episode 11 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

We both laughed over
it and he went out.
Minutes later, he came back with some drugs to be taken to aid in the healing of the wound.
In a week's time, I got better and ready for the pending task.
Ganja then called Mama Becky to inform her about my coming.
Hello sexy Mama. What's up with you and your fine guy? He asked.
We are great Ganja. We still can't thank you enough for your help. Had it not been you, I would have lost all my property. She responded happily.
That's the least I can do for you Mama. The mega one be say, my brother has arrived from Nigeria last night, purposely to come and guard your house like we discussed.
You know Mama, I'm doing all these for you because of the good cash you paid me for my services. I promise that, not even a housefly can trespass into your privacy with my brother at the gate.
Secondly Mama, when it is time to kill your husband for the property, just let him know. He will handle it with ease. Ganja explained.
Thanks so much Ganja. I don't even know how to thank you. You are such a wonderful person.
Can I come over to your house tomorrow to show appreciation? She asked happily.
No Mama, that won't be necessary. Pussy is no problem for me, I have lots of them waiting for me in queue. Ganja responded boldly.
Alright Ganja. I've already spoken to my husband and my son about him, so we are all expecting him. She said.
That reminds me Ganja, how much salary is he going to take? She asked.
1000Ghana cedis is ok for the start. You know he's not only going to guard the gate, he's going to guard you and your sugar boy from being caught. At the same time, he's gonna finish your wasting husband to pave way for your inheritance to the property. Ganja explained and hanged up.
Immediately after the call, Ganja called his guys and they came to dress me in disguise.
They fixed artificial moustache and beard.
They also gave me a daily cup to wear. I looked totally different from the real me.
That's a great job Ganja. Thanks guys, I owe you gratitude. I said happily.
Zach, don't forget, your new name is Siru. Ganja said.
Early the next morning, we set off to the Owusu's house.
We got there and Buba was the one guarding the gate. He ushered us into the house and acted as if he had never met Ganja anywhere. Ganja acted same.
Mama Becky was extremely happy to see us.
My husband, please come ooo, we have visitors. Mama Becky called out the husband from upstairs.
Mr Owusu came down and welcomed us.
Junior also followed suit and the conversation began.
Welcome to my home my children. Mr Owusu said.
Please what brings you here? He asked.
My name is Ganja sir, and this is my brother Siru.
Mama contacted me for a security guard so I recommended my brother to her.
He returned from Nigeria yesterday purposely for the job and I decided to bring him here. Ganja explained.
That is no problem my son. My wife has already discussed his coming with me.
It is rather unfortunate that my former security guard attempted to rape my wife.
It took the timely intervention of his own brother to save my wife from his hands.
When they tried to call the police, he escaped from this house. As I speak to you, nobody knows his whereabouts.
I've informed his mother about the whole incident and she has also promised to bring him to me when he comes to her.
Wherever he has run to, he should go, I won't waste my energy chasing him, his own sins will chase and catch up with him. Mr Owusu narrated.
I got so sad hearing the lies Mama Becky and Buba had cooked against me.
My mother may have said what she said because she knew I was up to something. I thought.
Now Ganja, I hope your brother is not going to be like my former security guard who betrayed my trust? Mr Owusu asked sadly.
Not at all sir. My brother is down to earth and he's willing to sacrifice his life to save yours. Ganja responded.
My son, how good can you be to my family? My Owusu turned and asked me.
Oh my husband, have you forgotten I told you yesterday, he's dumb? He can hear you but he can't talk. He can only communicate with signs. Mama Becky cut in.
We talked for a while and Ganja asked permission to leave. I could still see the friction between Buba and Junior was still persisting.
They all walked Ganja to the gate and returned into the sitting room.
I sat at the gate and began my work.
Before I can do anything, I must hear from Ganja first. I thought.
To be continued. 

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