Episode 12 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON TWO

If I do, I will call the
police to arrest you. You are a criminal. Mr Owusu manhandled me with insults.
Oh God! So is this my reward for all my good intentions? Where have I gone wrong in this life? I wept in thoughts while packing.
Zach please stop packing. Mabel screamed.
Mabel, don't annoy me, who are you to interfere with your father's orders? Mama Becky asked angrily.
Mabel, leave my presence before I slap your stupidity out of you. Mr Owusu yelled.
I am not going anywhere daddy. It isn't Zach who stole the money. Mabel screamed worriedly.
Who did? If not Zach, who else? Daddy asked.
I did daddy. I stole the money. Mabel responded.
Whaaaat! Mabel please don't disgrace me! You didn't steal the money. It is Zach who stole the money. Mama cut in.
I know what I'm talking about mummy. I stole the money for a friend's birthday party.
I was going out with the money when I saw daddy climbing up the stairs so I quickly run into Zach's room to hide the money since that was the closest room to where I was standing. Mabel confessed.
Mr Owusu stood there in shock!
Oh Mabel, you've disgraced me. How could you do such a thing? He shouted at her.
I'm sorry daddy, please forgive me. I am a thief, please forgive me. She wept bitterly.
I finished packing and picked up my bag to leave the house.
Zach please don't go anywhere. I have accused you wrongly and I need you to forgive me. Please stop weeping and pull yourself together. Mr Owusu apologized.
No my husband, he has bewitched my daughter. He's supposed to be the thief. He's supposed to be leaving this house by now. Mama Becky said painfully.
What do you mean by that Becky? Are you the one who put the money in his room? Why are you insisting that he must be the culprit, when your daughter has confessed? Why? Mr Owusu yelled at Mama Becky.
I'm sorry my husband but I have never known my daughter to be a thief. She responded shamefully.
Mr Owusu consoled and convinced me to stay back.
Zach, remember our first meeting when you pleaded with me for the land. I reluctantly but easily gave in to your request and plea.
Please kindly do same for me. Forgive me and stay here with me.
Take me as your father who has accused you wrongly. Please. He apologized remorsefully.
I have heard you daddy. I hold nothing against you nor Mabel. I responded in tears still.
He thanked me and they all walked away.
The next day, I was seated at the gate with my head bowed down when I felt a tap on my shoulder.
It was Mabel.
Zach, I am deeply sorry for what happened yesterday. I know you went through trauma, but please, forgive my father. She said.
Why are you pleading on your father's behalf when you personally owe me an apology? I asked in shock.
That is because I didn't steal the money. She boldly responded.
To be continued...#

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