Episode 12 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

Before I can do anything, I must hear from Ganja first. I thought.

I observed every movement in the house.
Mama Becky served me varieties of food just to make me happy for the job.
I continuously wore a serious fearful face, just to scare the entire household from coming closer to me unnecessarily.
The next day, I was comfortably seated at the gate when Buba approached me.
Hello boss, I know you can't talk but can I talk to you? He asked.
I nodded my head in affirmative.
Yeah that's good. Please nod your head if you can grant the request I am about to make. He said.
Boss, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to help me get rid of Mr Owusu's son. Buba said.
I gave a half smile and nodded my head.
Please, I won't understand your sign language but you can communicate with Ganja about how we are going to strike it, since he's your brother, I know he will understand you better and communicate back to me. He added and walked away.
Interesting times. Buba now wants Junior dead too. I strongly believe he's giving him a tough time in the house. I thought.
Later in the day, Mr Owusu and Junior went out to visit a family friend.
I entered the house to monitor what was happening there.
Buba and Mama Becky were in the kitchen having a conversation.
I had no phone to record them but I decided to listen to get enough facts to strike.
Mama, you refused to pay my sex salary last month, and this month too, you are slacking. Do you want me to expose you? Buba asked.
I'm sorry about that Buba. As you know, Zach's death involved a lot of money so I'm currently broke. I've asked my husband to give me money but he hasn't given it to me yet. Mama explained.
Mama, anytime you make mention of this useless husband, I get nauseous. So when exactly are we going to kill him to inherit all these property? When are you going to stop begging him for money and own everything? Buba asked angrily.
Buba calm down. We have to take things slow.
You and I know Junior is in this house. Even if we kill my husband, Junior won't allow us to inherit the property.
My husband has willed almost everything in his name. He willed few for Mabel and I, and those few cannot make us rich. Mama explained.
Mama, listen and listen carefully, I've already spoken to the new guard, Siru, to kidnap Junior, so that we can kill your husband very fast. Buba informed.
Buba, Junior is my only son ooo. Are you sure he's not going to kill him? Are you very sure? Mama asked worriedly.
Trust me sexy Mama. It is only a kidnap and nothing else. Buba assured.
I walked back to the gate and sat down in thoughts.
Mr Owusu and Junior later returned from town.
Daddy, I want to sit atbthe gate with the guard for a while. I will join you in the house later. Junior told his father and came to sit beside me.
Hello nigga, are you OK? You seem too serious. Junior teased.
I gave him a wicked smile and stayed focused again.
Anyway, I like your seriousness, and I'm beginning to have some trust in you. He said.
You know what, I want you to help me perform a task. Should I go ahead and name it? He asked.
I nodded my head to his request.
Good. I want you to help me kill my father next week.
I've already arranged with assassins to come into the house and gun him down.
What I want you to do is to give them a struggle free entry into the house when they come. He explained.
I made a sign to tell him that wasn't the best idea.
I signed to communicate with him to leave everything in my hands and that, I will handle it within the shortest possible time.
Thanks so much for the assurance nigga. I'm counting on you. Please don't disappoint me. He thanked and walked into the house.
The next day, I quickly went out to meet with Ganja.
Zach ma guy, what's up? Ganja asked happily.
Ganja, we have limited time to strike. Buba wants to kill Mr Owusu, and Junior is also determined to do same. Please, let's be fast. I said worriedly.
To be continued

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