Episode 13 | Love Me Again ( Episode Love Story)

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and is a true life story composed By Loudest Thoughts. Most of the huge characters will be incorporated with their own side of the story to make everything more interesting and to take in an extensive measure from the story. I implore you to always put down your comments to inspire Aynaijablog CEO for more updates.
Love me again

“The answer is not ANGER, sometimes you just need someone to talk to and a shoulder to cry on”
The next morning, everything seemed weird
As Clyde made out of the house without his breakfast as usual, Bebe also left later.
I felt lonely, I called Livie, we talked for a while, and then I thought of my dad.
I dialed his number and he picked on the first ring
Dad: Hello Wilson here, who am i speaking with I couldn’t help myself and I started crying amidst the mention of daddy.
Dad: Barbara is that you, talk to me, what’s going on I quickly hanged up and laid on my bed, sleep came unannounced
When I woke up, I missed 11 calls, 9 from my family and 2 from Bebe
I quickly called her first and she said she’s on her way to my end so I decided to wait, While contemplating on whether to call my family back.
I knew I had to at a point. Bebe came over and we talked for a while on which counsellor to see I suggested our friend Mrs Oke, I decided to call her and book an appointment since with her, Clyde wouldn’t object
She was free that afternoon so Bebe and I drove there
Mrs Oke: How are you my friend, you got me worried after the call. I hope everything is okay with you
Me: Julia, that’s her first name.
Everything is not okay, I then narrated to her what has been the issue for close to a year and a half now
Mrs Oke: Barbara I knew it the moment the small talks started between you guys when we visited You guys seemed different from the Clyde and Barbara we knew, But then we thought you guys were having a bad day.
So I told Bryan to let it go.
Me:How did you figure that out, were we that obvious? And why didn’t you say anything Julia: We are friends, and friends know each other so well.
But then what do you need from me now. How do you want to go about it?
Me: I know he respects you a lot, at first I thought it was just something that will blow away soon
But now am pretty sure it’s beyond that, and I can’t stand and watch myself go through this pain I was enduring it hoping it will be over soon I just need my husband back, he seems too far away, but I know he listens to you May be you can convince him for the counselling sessions, I really need to know what my offense was, why he is treating me this way
Julia: Alright my dear, will talk to my husband and see if he can be present for the counselling session Please take it easy, we will talk him through this
Me:Thank you, we gave each other a hug And I left with Bebe who was just sitting staring at us throughout my meeting with Julia. She dropped me home and drove away.
To be continued

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