Episode 13 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON TWO

That is because I didn't steal
the money. She boldly responded.
What do you mean by that Mabel? You confessed right in front of everybody, so why are you trying to deceive me now. I asked.
Zach, from the very first day I saw you in this house, I knew you were a good person until mummy started having those nightmares about you.
I believed everything she told me, but one thing I can never believe about you is that "you are a thief".
I tested you in several ways by placing money at places you could see, but you never picked a coin from it.
So how come you gathered courage all of a sudden to steal from daddy's room?
The daddy you love so much and you are so much dedicated to?
I know you won't do that. Mabel explained.
Mabel, you are getting me confused. First I thought someone set me up until you confessed. So I have come to believe your confession wholeheartedly. Why this quick turn around? I asked confusedly.
Zach, I also believe someone set you up but I don't know who.
I only accepted blame because I didn't want you to leave this house. Mabel responded.
What! Mabel! So you are not the thief? You only accepted blame just for me?
Oh Mabel, you shouldn't have done this mess to your image. You shouldn't have done it at all. I don't deserve this from you. I said in tears.
Stop crying Zach, you have done to me so much good. You taught me how to be a woman and how to treat and love everyone irrespective of their status.
I'm glad to announce to you that you are my first victim. She said with smiles.
Thank you so much Mabel. Thanks a million for this massive sacrifice. I said.
Thank yourself Zach. The good you did for me returned to you when you least expected it.
It's rather unfortunate I am leaving this house, I would have helped you to hunt down the person who set you up this way.
But all the same, I wish you well. Kindly stay out of trouble and remember, everyone in this life has an enemy. It takes prayers and self care to conquer them. Be good. Mabel advised.
I was so happy to hear all these from Mabel. I shed tears of joy as I watched her enter the house.
God, thank you for using Mabel to vindicate me, but whoever my enemies are, please put them to shame. I prayed silently.
When I raised up my head, I saw Buba standing before me.
You scared me Buba, what are you doing here? I asked.
Zach, what were you discussing with Mabel? I saw her here few minutes back. He asked.
Why do you want to know Buba? Don't I have the right to talk to her any longer? I asked back.
Zach, is there something you have seen or know in this house? Is there something I must know? He asked guiltily.
Buba, is there something going on in this house that you think I know? Is there something you are hiding from me? I asked back.
Zach, I know you don't respect and you are going to challenge me as usual but I assure you, if you try anything funny, Mama will kick you out of this house.
You are being unnecessarily African Buba. Almost every African sees the truth as insult, I'm therefore not surprised you see me as disrespectful.
Anyway, as the second in command as you are in this house, I have wholeheartedly taken your caution to heart. I stated sarcastically.
Whatever Zach. I don't care about you or what your foolish brains think. He responded and walked away.
I looked on with smiles.
Oh Buba my brother, I pity your evil heart. I thought.
Days later, Mabel left the house for the States.
Mr Owusu took her to the airport.
The house was now left in the hands of the two evil hearts.
That night, I was laying quietly in my room when I saw someone opening my door.
I quickly stood up and switched on the bedside lamp.
Hey Zach, don't panic, it's me.
Mama Becky whispered.
Please what are you doing here? I asked angrily.
Calm down Zach, I still haven't given up on you. I still need you to taste this sugar. She whispered and stripped naked again.
Mama please, I can't do this with you. I hate what you are doing, leave here before I raise an alarm. I responded.
Zach, why are you proving stubborn? You deceived me to tell you my secret about my addiction to pornography and now you are refusing to share my guilt.
You must sleep with me or else...
Or else what? Just because I know your secret, you want to bribe me with sex?
Well Mama, take your guilt away, I refuse to be part of it. I responded angrily.
Zach, apart from my pornographic addiction, is there something else you know about me? I mean is there something you've seen in this house about me? She inquired.
Hahahahah Mama, I pray guilt doesn't kill you in your own home. There is nothing I know but I'm willing to listen if you will tell me. I responded.
Go to hell Zach, you will never get away with this. I will deal with you drastically. She threatened and walked out.
I looked on in smiles.
So Mama Becky and Buba think I know about them.
That's why they are trying very hard to confirm from me. Wow! I thought.
To be continued.#

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