Episode 13 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

Ganja, we have limited time to strike. Buba wants to kill Mr
Owusu, and Junior is also determined to do same. Please, let's be fast. I said worriedly.
Ma guy, just relax. Nothing bad is going to happen to that good man.
Now tell me, is the sex party in the house still ongoing? He inquired.
No Ganja. Since I got in there, I haven't witnessed any.
The fact is, Junior and Buba are on each others neck, so there isn't any space for any of them to have sex with the woman. I explained.
Wow! I now see why she wanted to pay me with sex after your execution deal. I can feel how horny she may have been. Ganja teasingly said.
Anyway Zach, I have a plan.
Junior might go ahead and bring those assassins into the house to kill his father if he realizes you are slacking. Ganja added.
What do we do then Ganja? I'm scared for the man's life. He's in a real danger now. I said almost in tears.
Eeerrrmm Zach, I will take him out of town. I mean, I will travel with him to a far place and stay there with him until things are cool. Until we get an evidence to expose them both.
As it stands now, if I use the evidence I have against them, Mama Becky and Buba are the only people who will be arrested. Junior will go scot free. Ganja explained.
How do you travel with Mr Owusu then? What will you tell him? I asked.
Zach, I will pose as a real business man who wants to transact business with him.
I will then ask him to meet me in the city for the deal. Ganja explained.
Ganja, how then do you keep him there for such a long time until we get an evidence? Will he agree to that? I asked.
Yes ma guy, when we meet, I am going to tell him that my company in China will be importing the goods to us in a month or two's time. So he should stay with me and wait, because if he leaves, I will transact the business with someone else. Ganja explained.
This sounds brilliant Ganja. Looking at how Mr Owusu loves business, I know he will surely fall for it. But Ganja, where are the both of you going to stay? I asked.
We are going to stay in a flashy hotel just to prove to him that I am wealthy. Trust me Zach, I will execute this deal as an expert. Ganja assured.
Ganja, don't also forget Mr Owusu knows you. I mean he has seen this your face before. I said.
That's true Zach, I've already made up my mind to disguise myself as I did for you.
I promise not to leave any trail or trace. He responded.
I trust you Ganja. I don't know how best I can even thank you but I know my God will reward you someday. I said.
Less I forget Ganja, what money are you going to use for all these? I asked.
Oh ma guy, have you forgotten so soon that Mama Becky paid me 30,000 Ghana cedis just to get you killed?
Hahahaha! It is such a huge amount to cater for all these deal. He responded.
I never knew the money was that huge Ganja. This woman might have stolen the money from her husband. I said.
Anyway Ganja, thanks once again. I owe you gratitude. I said.
That's alright ma guy. Like I always tell you, I see greatness in you, and I know when you become great, you won't forget me. Ganja said happily.
That's ok Ganja. I must start going now. Please when are you embarking on the journey? I mean when are you going to call Mr Owusu? I inquired.
Eeerrmm, let me do it right away before you leave. He said.
Do you have his number? I asked.
No oooo ma guy. Get to the house and get it for me. Ganja said.
I quickly went home and saw Junior seated in the compound fidgeting with his laptop.
I signalled him to come.
He quickly stood up and came to sit beside me.
I signed him that I needed his father's number.
He got so happy.
Yo! That's ma nigga. Charlie, I knew you were real.
Wow! This man is as good as dead! He exclaimed happily and wrote the numbers down for me.
I thanked him and stood up and left the house.
Ma nigga, how much is the execution gonna cost? He inquired.
I gave him a smile and signalled him that, it hasn't gotten to payment level.
That's cool nigga. I trust your efforts. He responded.
I smiled wickedly again and walked out of the house to give the number to Ganja.
Life is not so fair! Your own son? Wanting to kill you? I thought worriedly as I walked to Ganja's place.
I got there soon after, and gave the numbers to him.
He quickly called Mr Owusu and fortunately, he answered.
To be continued...

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