Episode 14 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON TWO

That's why they are trying
hard to confirm from me.
Wow! I thought.
The next morning, I did my usual chores and went to sit at the gate.
Buba was also busily scrubing the sitting room.
Soon, Mr Owusu arrived in the house.
Welcome daddy. I greeted.
How are you Zach? How's back? He inquired.
All is well daddy. I responded.
Daddy, please I want to make a request from you. I humbly said.
Go ahead Zach. He responded.
Daddy please I need money to buy a phone for myself and my mother so that I can be calling regularly to check up on her. I humbly said.
That is no problem Zach. I have even opened a bank account for you and your brother. I am saving your salaries there for your future.
In two years, each one of you will tell me what you want to do with it and I promise to withdraw it for you.
But in the mean time, if you need anything from me, just let me know as you've done now. He said.
Eheh Zach, I've been wanting to ask you this but busy schedules won't allow me.
Zach, do you want to go to school? Mr Owusu inquired.
No daddy, I want to establish a business. I responded happily.
Alright then, let's wait for two years and get everything started.
I will be educating you from time to time on all the business strategies.
Anytime you see me home, just get closer to me and let's talk business. He added.
Alright daddy, I'm more than grateful for your kindness towards my family. My God will bless you. I responded.
I will soon get you two nice phones so that you send one to your mother. I only need you to be a good and hardworking boy. He advised and walked into the house.
Wow! This is great news. I am going to get a phone and I can video all the evidence I need. I thought.
A week later, Mr Owusu brought me the two phones.
Zach, these are the phones, try and send your mother's own to her tomorrow. I don't want you to miss her too much again. He teased.
Thanks a lot daddy. God bless you. I responded.
Eheh Zach, a quick reminder, my son will be coming in three weeks time so kindly clean up his room for me when you are free. He said.
That also means I will not be going anywhere in the next three weeks. I need to rest and wait for my son so kindly come around for the business chat anytime you are less busy. He added and walked away.
God will bless this man. I will do everything possible to ensure his happiness. I will never betray him like Buba. I thought.
I quickly went into my room and hid the phones at a safer place. I didn't want Mama Becky and Buba to know I had a phone. I planned.
Early the following morning, after my chores, I picked one of the phones and went to my mother's new place.
Good morning mother, I've really missed you. I run to hug her as usual.
Good morning Zach. What brings you here this early morning? She asked curiously.
I brought you a surprise. I responded happily and handed the phone over to her.
Eeeiii Zach, how did you get this? And how am I going to use it? Mummy asked in a mixed feeling.
Mother, Mr Owusu bought it for you. He said he will be calling you on it. I said.
But mother, where is Assan? I inquired.
Hmmm Zach, I don't know what it is with Assan and the landlady ooo. He sleeps in her room now after few weeks of tight friendship.
I've asked him severally but he said there is nothing going on between them. My mother narrated.
Eeeiii mother! That woman is married ooo. How is the husband going to take this? I worriedly asked.
Zach, the husband is outside the country. I believe that's why she's becoming intimate with Assan.
I've tried warning Assan several times but he doesn't mind me. Anytime I talk about it, he refuses to give me food. Mother narrated sadly.
Mother, don't talk about it again. I don't want him to starve you to death.
The two of them are matured enough to know the right from wrong, so if they want to continue, karma will lead them to their reward. I advised.
I stayed with my mother for a while. I cooked yam and her favorite kontomire stew for her. After eating, I asked permission to leave.
Just then, Assan entered the room.
Zach you are here. How are you doing? He asked.
Very well Assan. Where have you been? I asked.
I was in Naana's room, helping her to do some stuff. He responded.
Alright, I brought phone for mother. Mr Owusu asked me to do so, so that he will be calling her from time to time to check up on her. I narrated.
Wow, that's great. Do you have a phone too? Assan asked.
No bro, I will be calling with our land line. I lied to avoid Assan from blowing up my cover to Buba.
To be continued ...#

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