Episode 14 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

He quickly called Mr Owusu
and fortunately, he answered.
Ganja spoke with a heavy comfortable voice.
Hello, am I speaking to Mr Owusu Ansah, the vehicle spare parts dealer? Ganja asked with the phone on speaker out.
Yes please. Who do I have on the line? Mr Owusu responded.
I'm glad to have you on the line Mr.
Eeerrmm my name is Mr Appiah, vehicle parts importer. I actually import vehicle parts to Nigeria, Benin and Gabon, but since I am a Ghanaian, I want to import some into my motherland.
I made few enquiries and I was told that, you are the only capable person who will genuinely transact business with me without problems.
Though lots of people have shown the interest, I insist on transacting the business with you. Ganja explained.
That sounds like a real good deal, but unfortunately, I have importers that I work with, so I can't work with you. He said.
Mr Owusu please, don't you have friends that I can work with? Ganja asked.
I have friends but they don't have enough money to buy the goods from you when they come. He responded.
No at all Mr Owusu. My business transaction is different from other people's.
What I do is that, when the goods arrive, I give them to you on credit till the time you finish distributing and pay me back. I am not a bad person at all. I am more than flexible. Ganja explained.
Alright Mr Appiah, I will talk to my friends on your behalf and get back to you. Mr Owusu responded and hanged up.
Damn Ganja! This plan has backfired! Aaaahhhh! I exclaimed in disappointment.
Relax ma guy. Even if this plan doesn't work out, we will have to execute another plan by tomorrow, to keep the man safe. Ganja assured.
Alright Ganja. I will be back tomorrow for the new plan. I said and stood up to leave.
Zach, get this phone, in case the sex party begins, you can video an evidence out of it. He said and handed over the phone to me.
That reminds me Ganja, I want you to call my mother for me. I want her to know I'm fine and still on course. I pleaded.
Alright, give me her number. Ganja said.
I hit my hand on my forehead.
Damn Ganja, I don't have it in mind. It was on my lost phone. I responded.
Don't worry ma guy, just give me the directions to her place and I will go and deliver your message to her. Ganja offered.
I gave him the directions quickly.
Ganja, my brother Assan is there with my mother, so kindly disguise yourself when going. I pleaded.
Hahahah Zach, don't forget I'm older and experienced than you.
I got influenced by my peers at an early age, so I know the good, the bad, the ugly and the wicked.
I've already planned to dress as a health worker who is going house to house to check on the aged and give them the necessary care. Ganja explained.
Wow Ganja! You are such a genius. I just love you! I exclaimed happily.
I'm happy you are happy ma guy. Just go home and come for the feedback tomorrow.
When you go, tell Junior to pay 20,000 Cedis for the murder of his father. Ganja added.
That is a huge amount Ganja. Can he afford it? I asked.
Yes he can. Don't forget he just returned from the States.
I want us to milk him dry so that he will not have a dime to contract other assassins. You dig? Ganja asked?
Alright Ganja ma guy. I dig well well. I responded teasingly.
We both laughed over my imitation and I went back home.
Junior was still seated in the compound when I got there.
Siru ma nigga, welcome back. Please how did it go? He inquired.
I communicated to him the amount Ganja and I agreed on.
Wow! That's a huge amount. Anyway, I will clear everything in my account and pay you tomorrow, but please, don't leave any trail or trace. He cautioned.
I nodded my head in agreement and he left.
Just when he walked into the house, Buba approached me.
Boss, I hope that stupid boy Junior is not planning anything funny about me. He inquired.
I smiled and communicated to him that, Junior only wanted me to teach him a sign language.
Alright boss, I trust you. He responded and walked back into the house.
Hahahaha Life is funny. Look at who is afraid of death. The evil that men do, give them blue balls even after ejaculation. I soliloquised.
To be continued...

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