Episode 15 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

The evil that men do, give them blue balls even after ejaculation
. I soliloquised.
Early the next morning, I went to Ganja's place.
Zach ma guy. I sure say you didn't sleep last night. Why are you here this early? Ganja teased.
Come on Ganja, you and I know very well that I can't sleep under the serious circumstance surrounding Mr Owusu. I responded.
Please talk to me, what is the next plan? How are we going to protect him from those evil hands? I asked.
Zach, I've thought about something really good. It is very delicate but that is the only remaining option. Ganja said.
I'm all ears Ganja. Just talk to me. I responded nervously.
Zach, the only option is for me to kidnap Mr Owusu. Ganja said.
Eeeii Ganja! That is really serious. Don't you think it is going to attract the police? Don't forget the man is known by almost everyone in this town and beyond. Please don't forget that. I stated worriedly.
I know Zach, but what I want to do is that, we will tell him every truth he needs to know for the kidnap. Ganja explained.
Ganja, that man loves his family too much to believe a stranger against them.
If he doesn't buy our confession, he will go to his house and eventually fall into their trap. I explained.
OK let's do it this way, let's take him far away from this town until you gather enough evidence. When you do, just call me and I will be there to pick it and show it to him. Ganja suggested.
That is alright Ganja. Please, don't leave any trace ooo. I don't want us to eventually fall culprits of someone's crime. I pleaded.
Anyway Ganja, how did your visit to my mother go? I asked.
Heeeerrr ma guy, I must say your brother Assan is really having a great time in that house. Ganja said.
I actually went there as we discussed yesterday. The whole house was very quiet and I didn't know which room your mother was, but there was this room that was not locked. I knocked at it severally but there was no response.
I could hear voices from there so I peeped through the window to see what was going on.
I saw a lady on top of a guy she seemed older than. They were busy making love.
Instead of the guy moaning in pleasure, he was rather pleading.
"Baby I'm tired, please have mercy on me. You know this is the fifth time of making love today. I'm tired, please let me rest". He continuously pleaded.
No Assan, I am not yet satisfied. You have to make me cum one more time.
This is the more reason I pay you huge amounts.
Come on, Fuck out my loneliness. The woman responded in pleasure whiles the guy pleaded in suffer. Ganja explained teasingly.
I walked back to the entrance of the house, not knowing what else to do.
I was standing there when I saw an old woman walking into the house. He added.
Hello mother. How are you? I asked.
I'm doing well my son. Can I please help you? Are you looking for somebody? Your mother asked.
Yes mother. Actually, your son Zach, sent me to you. I whispered.
Zach? Where is he? How is he? She whispered back.
Mother, Zach is doing very well, just that, he is in a hideout. He asked me to come and see how you are faring. I explained.
I knew nothing bad will happen to my son. His God father reported him to me months ago and I knew his plans backfired, but I am very much convinced that, Zach was born to win. He will definitely succeed for his quest for justice. Your mother responded.
That is true mother, we are planning very well towards it and I know we will succeed. Please, continuously pray for us. I said.
I will my son. Please start going before Assan comes out from his sex job. I don't want him to see you, else, he will inform his brother Buba. Your mother said.
I walked away from the house happily yesterday ma guy. Your mother is smart and your brother is a prat. Ganja narrated.
Thanks so much Ganja. I'm glad for my mother's words. She has always trusted me and I don't ever want to disappoint her. I responded happily.
As for my brother Assan, his karma will not come from me like Buba's, he will personally run to embrace it. I added.
Anyway ma guy, get ready, we are kidnapping Mr Owusu tomorrow. Ganja cut in.
Alright Ganja, tomorrow it is then. I will be sending you updates on his movements, via text messages. I stated and stood up to leave.
Just then, Ganja had a call.
Hey ma guy, stand there! He screamed.
Guess who is calling?
Who? I nervously asked.
It's Mr Owusu. Let's hear what he has to say. Ganja said happily and answered the call.
As usual, he placed it on speaker out.
Yeah Hello, who do I have here? Ganja intentionally asked.
Am I speaking to Mr Appiah? Mr Owusu asked at the other side of the phone.
Yes you are. How may I help you? Ganja asked.
Mr Appiah please this is Mr Owusu the business tycoon.
I called to let you know that I've accepted to transact business with you.
May I please know how we can meet? He asked.
That sounds great Mr Owusu. I was about to award the contract to someone else but for your timely bounce back, I will award it to you.
Please, meet me tomorrow in the nation's capital and kindly call me when you get there. Remember, it is tomorrow or never! Ganja warned.
Alright Mr Appiah. I will be there by evening. Mr Owusu responded and hanged up.
We began jumping about in the room.
This is the best out of all the plans.
Mr Owusu will be out of the house till we expose these people. I stated happily.

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