Episode 16 | Love Me Again ( Episode Love Story)

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and is a true life story composed By Loudest Thoughts. Most of the huge characters will be incorporated with their own side of the story to make everything more interesting and to take in an extensive measure from the story. I implore you to always put down your comments to inspire Aynaijablog CEO for more updates.#
“It’s okay to cry sometimes, it gives you the clarity you need”
I was silence throughout our drive home which Bebe insisted I stay at her end.
I called Livie later at Bebe’s end, he came confused as to what i was blubbing about over the phone
Now it’s Bebe’s turn to speak; I hope the allegations made against her are not true I trust my friend wouldn’t do anything like that, but it’s you I don’t trust
Come down, I said amidst tears
Livie:am surprised all these went on and madam here never bothered to tell me about it.
I admit I like Barbara but as a friend, besides I have a partner of 5years.
5years? Bebe retorted! Wow, so why are you not married yet, 5years is a long time
Livie: we just understand each other, we are practically married already, and just the ring is missing We both hate the idea of putting on a ring We signed our own vows, hanging on our wall and that’s it, we are married Or whatever we call it, we are happy with each other, and Barby here knows my wife so well.
They met several times over coffee, after I introduced them.
So I don’t know what your husband is talking about
Bebe: wow, I like this. Well am glad I don’t have to worry about you
Livie: My partner will say this is stupid
Me:that’s fine, am sure I will be okay.
Just greet malia for me when you get home
Livie:If you ever need anything don’t hesitate I left the next day to my house, well that’s not my house anymore Just for Clyde to question my whereabouts last night.
Clyde: where do you think you are coming from?
Me: Does that concern you, or didn’t you read my terms and condition of living in this house
If you haven’t; it says I have no obligation towards you and am free to go where I want to and bring home whoever I want to So clear off my face, or you will see the other side of me For once, I like the way am handling a heartbreak,
Maybe because somehow am still stupidly in love with him.
I woke up late, since it was a Saturday, walked to the kitchen and met my ex-husband trying to fry egg which am not sure he has ever done.
The last time he tried it was a disaster, so I intentionally stroll around pretending I was looking for something I couldn’t find. He keeps looking back to see what I was doing, then I heard him shout, ‘ouch’
He burnt his hand while trying to hold the handle of the pan with once again his disastrous fried egg. He got it burnt again,
I couldn’t help but laugh I quickly fixed my own egg, and sat beside him at the table. He gave me a look which I have never seen before.
Was he starting to regret?
I just gave him the rest of my egg and left to the kitchen.
He seemed like he wouldn’t take it, so l left it on the table. I walked pass and he has eaten it, leaving his burnt one for the dog I think I smiled to myself and went upstairs
Days passed by, and I realized I had to tell my parents I would be home in about some few weeks I was sitting outside by the pool one Saturday when I saw my ex-husband, in a polo shirt and his favorite jean trousers.
Those were the same i gave to him as a gift on several of our shopping journey’s we use to go on I stared at him for a couple of minutes, my tears started to flow I told myself, I was never going to cry again, last week, but here am I now
I quickly wiped my face with the back of my hand, am I starting to regret signing that paper I saw him walking towards his car, he looked so much handsome in that polo shirt now, unlike before I always tease him, the shirt looks on him like he just came out of a 30days fast.
I kept watching him until he drove out, I was cooking lunch when Livie informed me he was going to come over with Malia.
I thought that was a bad idea, but then I remembered I had no obligations towards Clyde so I can decide to do whatever I want to.
To be continued

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