Episode 2 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

Buba I said walk out of my
room! Get the hell out! Mama yelled.
Enough of this nonsense yelling Mama! Who do you think you are? A smart bitch? Because your son is coming, you want to use this flimsy excuse to end our relationship?
I won't give up on you, never! You have no right to dump me. I will quit you when I want to, not when you want to. Buba threatened.
Buba, what do you mean by that? So you've grown horns to insult an elderly person like me right? Mama Becky asked angrily.
That is where you are getting everything wrong Mama. You are no longer older than me. The very day I penetrated you, was the very day you became my age mate. Get that into your head. Buba responded angrily.
Buba, get out of this room before I slap the stupidity out of your face. Mama screamed in pain.
I will leave Mama, but get ready to be exposed. I will make sure you descend into the gutters with me. Buba threatened and stood up.
I quickly run into my room.
The stairs was too long to descend, I didn't want to be caught.
Buba come back! Please come back! I overheard Mama calling Buba as he walked into his room in anger.
I stayed in my room quietly in fear.
Eeeeiiii God! When did my brother become this evil? I thought sadly.
Mama Becky came knocking at Buba's door.
Buba, please open the door, it isn't my fault. I'm afraid of my son, he won't be happy to see us in this act. He's going to inform his father if he finds out and that means, I will loose every asset my husband has willed in my name. She explained behind Buba's door.
Mama, just go! I don't want to hear anything from you apart from you and I coming back together. Buba responded from the room.
Alright Buba, I will do as you say. I won't break up with you . We are going to fuck but with caution. Is that ok? Mama asked.
Buba please open the door and let's have one more hot sex. Mama requested.
Buba quickly opened his door and ushered Mama Becky in.
I could hear them groaning and moaning in pleasure. I tiptoed back to the compound and sat at the gate in tears.
What a great sin! What a disrespect to God and humanity!
What a mockery to Mr Owusu's innocence!
What a step down on his personality!
I blinked my eyes in tears.
In about twenty minutes, I felt a tap on my shoulder.
Zach, what is your essence at this gate? I've been knocking for minutes now but no response. I even walked in and yet, you didn't recognize my presence. What are you thinking about? It was Assan.
Welcome Assan, I'm not feeling so well that's why. I lied.
What is your mission here? I asked.
I came to visit my brother Buba. He called me last night that his rival has traveled so I can come here. Assan narrated.
Assan, did I hear you say his rival? Does Buba have a rival in this house? I asked in shock.
Did I say rival? I mean to say his boss. Assan smartly responded.
But Zach, you seriously need to get yourself out of this miserable life and find something better doing. Can't you see how Buba and I are looking these days? He asked rhetorically.
Assan, how you look doesn't guarantee your entry into heaven. I responded angrily.
There you go again as usual with your insults. Anyway, your mother extends her greetings. He said and walked pass me into the house.
I overheard them making merry in the house. Playing music and dancing.
Few minutes later, I heard Mr Owusu blowing his car horn. I quickly opened the gate and he drove into the house.
I run to embrace him and the son Junior.
What the fucking hell is going on in this house? Where is the shit noise coming from? Junior slanged in anger.
Zach, who's is playing that loud music in the house? Mr Owusu asked.
Daddy please I haven't gone in there since morning so I don't know who. I responded.
Well, let's all go there and see.
Carry the bags and let's go. Mr Owusu instructed.
To be continued...

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