Episode 22 | Love Me Again ( Episode Love Story)

IAynaijang Blog present to you latest story titled "Love Me

and is a true life story composed By Loudest Thoughts. Most of the huge characters will be incorporated with their own side of the story to make everything more interesting and to take in an extensive measure from the story. I implore you to always put down your comments to inspire Aynaijablog CEO for more updates.

“Don’t wait until you regret a wrong deed before you say sorry, Say it once the deed is done”
Days and months passed by there is no show of Babs around the house, I asked the gate man and he has no idea where she went to
I wasn’t bothered,
I thought she was just avoiding me, since her wardrobe is still intact,
Little did I know she took only the things she brought with her
I went about my daily activities, from the clubs to restaurants I wasn’t ashamed of my life After work one day, I wanted to get something from Mr. Biggs for dinner since I can’t cook I was about leaving the place after getting my order, when my eyes caught up with Livie and Babs
I only saw Barbara’s side cheeks but I can see Livie clearly, I quickly told myself, today their cup is full I quickly walked towards their table where they were taking selfies,
And started shouting, Barbara today your cup is full
Then Livie saw me and instantly stood up, everyone is watching us now
I then shouted, Babs name and tapped her on the shoulder, she turned and I realized I was mistaken, this strange woman I always see Livie with isn’t my Barbara, it’s a look alike, but how?
They look so much alike, the walk and especially her cheeks.
The last thing I heard was, Clyde is that you?
Are you okay, the way you are referring to my sister as Barbara I hope you aren’t hallucinating.
By the time I realized where I was after that incident was on my steering wheel, driving to no particular place in mind. I may never be able to tell how I managed to leave the scene I created earlier
I finally stopped at the thought of what if I was wrong all along,
I quickly changed my thoughts to; remember she cheated that’s why she left I cleared my mind after some hours sitting alone and realizing I may never find answers to what am looking for sitting down in my car.
I quickly drove home, and questioned my gateman
Me: Do you remember your madam’s friend, the doctor I was exchanging words with the last time.
He said he was here two times before he visited again the last time.
Do you know when he came and what he did when he came around
Gate man: Oh, the doctor Oga, he came first time with some two women to see Madam, and second time he came with the other woman. Some fine woman.
They were very happy due to the laughs coming out from the veranda, I can’t tell what they were doing inside, but they sure look so happy and having fun
Me: Thank you, I managed to mutter, I was confused and disappointed I didn’t find anything incriminating enough to confirm what I have been blubbing about along. Could this just be a mistake?
Did I blame my wife for something she didn’t do? I went inside my room, sat for a long time, tried several times to keep the new drama out of my mind but I couldn’t. What about the text messages on her other line.
Of course she hasn’t read most of them so she can’t confirm
I need to get to the bottom of this.
I went ahead to Bab’s room, which am fully aware she hasn’t been to the house in a long time.
I looked around, there and then I realized most of her things are not in place.
To be continued

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