Episode 5 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

He has done enough for me
and my family. I thought.
Hours later, Mr Owusu and Buba returned from the market.
I helped them carry the stuffs into the house.
Welcome back home daddy. Junior greeted.
Thanks Junior. Has your mother given you something to eat? Mr Owusu asked.
Not yet daddy, I'm yet to taste the sweetness in her. I really missed that. Junior responded shamelessly.
Sweetness in her you say? Daddy asked.
Yeah daddy, I miss her food so much. Junior answered smartly.
The next day, I decided to visit my mother.
I was gradually getting scared in the house.
When I got there, mother was sleeping.
I woke her up and she was very happy to see me.
Zach, what brings you here? You visited not long ago. She said.
Mother, there is something I want to tell you and I want you to promise it's going to be a secret between us. I pleaded.
I'm all ears my son. I promise never to betray you. She said.
First of all Mother, where is Assan? I inquired.
He's in Naana's room. She responded.
A minute mother, I said and walked out to spy on them to make sure he's not coming into mother's room anytime soon.
Oh God of Israel! Assan was busily making love to Naana with the door opened.
I stood there quietly for a while and walked back to mother's room.
I explained everything to my mother.
From Buba's sexual life with Mama Becky and to Junior's atrocity. I further explained how my life is in danger and that of Mr Owusu's.
Mother, what do I do now? I want to run away from the house but I don't know where to run to. I said in tears.
Eeeeiii Zach! This whole thing is serious. This is an abomination!
Your brother Assan is doing same in this house, I've warned him several times but he's proving recalcitrant.
God! Why did you allow me to give birth to these beasts? Why? Mother cried.
Mother, this is not the right time to cry. We need to make a decision. My life is at stake, please help me. I said.
Zach, first of all, don't run away from the house. Buba and the woman will suspect and hunt you down.
I want you to remain the brave boy you've always been and expose them with an evidence.
Listen to me Zach, whoever does good for you deserves your sacrifice.
Mr Owusu saved your life so please, stay in that house and save his.
Video them secretly and show it to the man.
Record their every conversation.
Kill the fear in you and go back to win.
In this life my son, if there is something to fear, it should be 'fear itself'. Fear is the only scariest thing that can drag you into failure a zillion times.
Go Zach, go and fight for what is right. Mother advised.
I'm motivated mother, I promise to make you proud. I will help save the innocent man like he did for me years back.
But wait a minute mother, how did you know about videoing and recording? I asked surprisingly.
She burst into laughter.
You know I was smart in my youthful days, so I didn't find it difficult at all when Assan taught me. She responded.
That sounds great mother, I will like to take my leave now. I stated and walked away.
I got home fully energised. I have to monitor events for a while then strike. I thought.
I entered the house but Mr Owusu wasn't around. The whole house was quiet. Where is everybody? I thought.
I climbed the stairs to Buba's room but he was not there.
I tiptoed to Mama's door but nobody seemed to be there.
I walked to stand behind Junior's door and I could hear voices.
I looked through the door hole and God! He was fucking the mother.
He fucked her vigorously for minutes and stopped to sip water.
Junior, you are delaying, your father might come home soon. Please be fast. Mama Becky stated in haste.
Relax Mama, who the fuck is daddy? That man is as good as dead. Just chill. He responded.
He walked back to the bed, opened his mother's legs wide and began to finger her.
Ooouuuucchhh Junior! Junior! Easy! You gonna make me cum! Easy! Mama moaned in pleasure.
I could see a pornographic movie showing on the giant screen television on the wall.
Cum baby! I want you to cum. Come onnnnnnnnn! You deserve better! Junior groaned too.
Minutes later, he jumped onto the mother and forced his dick into her mouth.
Mama Becky sucked it with pleasure.
Aaaaahhh! My Mama, my baby! My little big girl! Suck that shit! Suck it! Mmmmmmmmm! Junior moaned.
He then withdrew his dick from her mouth and penetrated her once again.
He thrusted until Mama begged him to stop.
Aaaaahhh Juniiiiiiiiiooooorrrr! You killiiiiiiiiinnnng meeeeeee! Mmmmmmmmm! Please stop! Your sweetness will kill me. She pleaded in ecstasy.
Minutes later, they were done with their heartless pleasure.
Mama you know, this pussy is not what I left behind some years back. An asshole has found his way there.
I promise to hunt down whoever that useless person is. Nobody dares takes what belongs to me. Junior spoke angrily.
To be continued

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