Episode 6 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

Nobody dares takes what
belongs to me. Junior said angrily.
Calm down Junior, I know you are mad over me and I'm equally mad over you.
You see how I poisoned your girlfriend? That should tell you how obsessed I am about you. Mama responded.
I videoed everything secretly and walked back to my post.
An hour later, Mr Owusu and Buba came into the house.
Zach, where have you been? Mr Owusu asked.
Daddy, I went to visit my mother. I had a bad dream about her. I responded.
That's ok but please, the next time you are going out, kindly inform me. He said.
Anyway, help Buba to carry the foodstuffs into the house. He added.
We entered the house and met the supposed mother and son in the sitting room watching TV.
Buba or whatever you call yourself, put the things in the kitchen and get me drinks from the fridge. Junior instructed.
Junior, with all due respect, my name is Buba and not whatever! Buba responded angrily.
How dare you talk back at me? How dare an illiterate like you talk back at me? Junior stood up and walked towards Buba in anger.
Junior, what is it? This isn't any big issue to vent your spleen about. Please calm down. Mr Owusu intervened.
No daddy, to me it is a big issue. I don't trust this asshole! I don't trust him one bit! Junior yelled angrily.
And I don't trust you either! Who do you think you are? Why do you want to make this place a living hell for me? Why? Buba responded angrily.
Buba, don't talk to my son that way. Why should you ask him who he thinks he is? He's my son and he has control over this house.
I never support what he's doing but you also have to exercise restraints.
You don't have to respond to an angry person in anger, you both will explode. Mr Owusu advised Buba.
And to you Junior, if not for these boys you see here, this house wouldn't be kept neat and maintained as you are seeing.
No matter how unimportant they may seem to you, they serve a purpose of at least, fetching you drink from the fridge as you just demanded.
Show them respect. Mr Owusu advised Junior too.
Eeeehhh? Daddy so you are siding with strangers against me right?
And to you mummy, I can see you are dumbfounded. Listen and listen to me carefully, this asshole is gonna pay for entering into my territory uninvited. Junior threatened and run in anger into his room.
Becky, what is he talking about? What is the meaning of all the nonsense he just spewed. Mr Owusu asked.
I'm glad you've realised it's nonsense! Since he returned from the States, he talks like a mad person. I believe he's using drugs. Mama lied.
And you Zach, what are you still standing there for? Get out of my sight! Gossip! Mama insulted.
I walked back to the gate in haste.
Wow! This house is gradually becoming a war field. I must be careful so that no one suspects me. I thought.
Now that I have the first evidence against Mama Becky and Junior, I have to thread cautiously before I get killed.
Thank you God for seeing me through to this stage. I'm left with Buba, I must get his evidence too to make the whole exposing process, a success. I thought further.
The next day, Mr Owusu embarked on one of his usual business trips.
Zach, take good care of yourself, I will be back next week.
Your brother and my son are not making the house lively for me. He said worriedly and drove off.
I sat down worriedly too.
God, why is this innocent man going through all these? God why? I thought.
In the afternoon, Junior's friend visited him and they left the house.
Zach, I'm going out, please take good care of my mother for me. Be going into the house frequently to check on her if she needs anything. Junior smartly stated.
Alright Junior, I will do as you say. I responded humbly.
To be continued...

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