Episode 7 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

Alright Junior, I will do as
you say. I responded humbly.
I sat down quietly wondering what will happen next.
Now it's Buba and Mama in the house.
I sneaked into the house and I could hear Mama and Buba engaged in a heated argument in the kitchen.
Buba, calm down. It has not gotten to this. Please calm down. Mama pleaded.
I've said it Mama! Your useless son wants to know what is going on between us and I'm ever ready to tell him everything.
If he's obsessed about you, I am too.
I don't know what it is you are hiding from me but I believe strongly you are sleeping with your son. His love for you is too strong to be genuine. Buba fumed in anger.
Buba, he's my son and I can never sleep with him. Please understand me. Kindly don't think that way. Mama pleaded.
I tiptoed back to my post because I knew the argument was not ending anytime soon.
Minutes later, Mama came to my post and handed her phone to me.
Zach have it, Junior wants to talk to you. She said.
Hello Junior. I said.
Yeah Zach, what's up in the house? Is my mother safe? He asked.
Yes please, she is. I responded.
That's cool, I will be home soon but kindly be going into the house to check on her for me. He said.
One more thing Zach, don't tell her what I just told you. He added and hanged up.
I gave the phone back to Mama Becky.
Zach, what did he say? She asked.
Mama, your son seem to care so much about you. Anyway, he said you were having a slight headache when he was leaving home, so I should get to the pharmacy and get you some analgesics. I lied.
That sounds great. Please leave immediately because I'm unable to contain the pain.
And listen to me Zach, I'm taking a nap so don't come into the house to wake me up when you come. I will personally come for it when I wake up. Mama instructed smartly.
I smiled within and walked out of the house in pretence.
I stood behind the gate for few minutes and walked back into the house secretly.
I must be smarter this time.
I know Mama and Buba might be up to something, this is my only chance to get every evidence from them. I thought.
I tiptoed into the house and spied the two rooms.
Mama and Buba were busily making love in Buba's room but unfortunately, the doorhole was covered.
I run back to pick up a ladder to climb up the ceiling.
Every ceiling in the house, in the various rooms was having a space for hideout, in case of robbery attack.
I climbed up into Buba's room and laid down silently on the ceiling videoing them with my phone and wow,
the view was so clear.
Buba please, let's be fast about this. Junior will be home soon. Mama pleaded.
Mama, your mind is too centered on Junior. Please bring your mind here and get wet for me to penetrate you. Buba said.
Buba, I'm too scared, please if my pussy is too dry for your liking, just go ahead and penetrate my anus. Mama said and turned her back for Buba.
Without pity, Buba penetrated his huge erected dick into mama's anus. Mama screamed in pain of pleasure.
Aaaahh Buba! Please easy! Easy on me!
Buba kept thrusting with speed.
Now talk to me, who fucks you better? Come on talk! Buba or Junior? Buba asked in pleasure.
It's you Buba! It's you! Please Fuck me! Fuck me! Aaaaahhh! Mmmmmmmmm! Mama moaned.
Why then did you sleep with Junior? If I fuck better, why don't you dump him for me? Talk to me sweet bitch! Buba questioned whiles still fucking with speed.
Aaaahhhh Buba! I can't stop fucking your dick! Forgive me! Junior had his way because I had not met you! Mmmmmmmmm! Oooouuuuuccchhhhh! Mama confessed in delight.
Buba kept silent after Mama's confession and fucked till he finally ejaculated.
Wow Mama! You are such a sweet fucking bitch! You are such an executive prostitute! Buba insulted.
Buba! Why all these insults? I thought you enjoyed me, why then are you insulting me this bad? Mama asked in shock.
Mama, I thought you said Junior is just your son and you have nothing doing with him. You see how your stupid high libido has just given you up? Buba asked angrily.
Whiles in this house taking all aphrodisiacs to satisfy your pornographic high libido, you are busy fucking your son's small pencil dick! He added.
You deserve to be insulted more than this. I should have known better when you forced your horny self on my kid bro Zach. You are so shameless! Buba insulted brutally.
Buba! I've gotten everything up to my throat, I can no longer tolerate it. You can go ahead and try exposing me, no one will believe you because you have no evidence. I'm out of here! Mama responded angrily and stood up.
Not so fast Mama. Buba responded and held her hand.
To be continued...

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