Episode 8 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

Not so fast Mama. Buba responded and held her hand.

I am proud to inform you that, every thing that has happened between you and I right now is securely recorded.
From the anal sex to the confession and to the conversation.
Eeeiii Buba! You've killed me! My son will kill me! My husband will also kill me! Buba please, don't do anything to hurt me. Mama broke down in tears.
Yes Mama, let's solve this amicably.
Initially, I was doing all these for fun, food and new clothes, but I am gladly informing you that, I have graduated from those petty stuff to real cash.
This is how we are going to do it, you are going to pay me 1000 Ghana cedis at the end of every month for six months, and on the seventh month, we will kill your husband and I will marry you in other to have my share of the property. He explained.
As for Junior, don't worry about him, I will handle him in my own way.
I hope that is OK by you? He asked Mama.
Yes Buba! Everything is fine by me. I can't afford to loose my husband and loose the property too. I must loose him to secure the property.
And please Buba, Junior is my only son, please don't kill him. Mama pleaded in tears.
Don't worry Mama, I will get him kidnapped. By the time he comes back, he will be my step son. Buba responded happily.
Now Mama, get your contaminated pussy out of my room! Buba instructed.
I turned quickly to descend from the ceiling before Mama gets out but unfortunately, the ceiling broke down and I fell heavily on Buba's bed.
Blood of Zacheus! Who is this? Zach! How did you find your way into this room. Buba screamed in shock and anger.
He struggled to strangulate me with the help of Mama Becky.
I will kill you today Zach! So you've been spying on me all these while? Bastard! He insulted as we struggled.
Buba kill him! Kill him! Don't spare him! Don't allow him to get away with this secret. Mama shouted.
It was a struggle between life and death. Buba held my neck firmly.
I struggled with all my energy and managed to slip through their hands.
I run as fast as my legs could carry out of the room but Buba gave me a hot chase.
Catch him Buba! Catch him! I overheard Mama screaming.
I run out of the house into the compound and Buba caught up with me.
He pushed me so hard into the flowers.
I struggled for my life.
My mother's voice kept echoing in my mind. "Zach, don't fear, fight for what is right"
Her voice gave me the strength to fight back Buba.
Mama quickly brought him the kitchen knife and asked him to stab me.
Kill him Buba! Kill him!
Buba took the knife and stabbed me.
I could still hear my mother's voice. "Zach, please fight! Please fight for what is right. Don't give up! Fight"
I wrestled with the remaining energy in me and stood up on my feet.
With blood oozing from my chest, I picked a block and hit Buba's head with it.
Instantly, he fell down and I took to my heels.
Mama Becky tried chasing me but I was faster than she was. I didn't know when she got off my back.
I run into an unknown bush and sat down with massive pain.
After minutes of trying to arrest the bleeding with my shirt, I realised the phone was not with me. It might have fell in the house or somewhere along the road. I thought.
Anyway, what matters is that, I still have life.
Fortunately for me, the stab was not deep.
I used the herbs my father thought me to arrest the dripping blood.
I stayed in the bush two days without food. I knew Buba and Mama will fabricate a story about my departure from the house.
I also knew they will not give up on the chase until they see me dead. I stayed in the bush in fear.
On the third day, I was laying down in pain thinking about what to eat when all of a sudden, five masked people surrounded me.
The sixth unmasked person among them was Buba. I began to panic.
Hahahahahahaha Zach, you can run but you can't hide. Your cup is so full. You thought you could get away with this evidence right? I pity you! He threatened.
Guys, finish him! He instructed.
They tied me up and Buba slapped me so hard.
Wait a minute Buba, don't touch him. One of the guys instructed.
This is our job. Allow us to handle it. We just don't kill people, we first of all torture them. Besides, we have a special place where we do all those things, we will carry him there for the assassination and bring you evidence of his dead body later. The guy explained.
I nearly fainted when I heard those words.
Oh! So finally, this is my reward for doing what is right? What happens to my mother? God please protect her for me. I began to say my last prayers.
To be continued.

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