Episode 9 : 'THE REWARD' Episode Story SEASON Three

God please protect her for
me. I began to say my last prayers.
They placed a handkerchief on my nose and I didn't know when I passed out.
I woke up later to realise they had transported me to a different place.
The guys still surrounded around me with the exception of Buba.
They were still in their masks busily smoking Wee.
I got frightened and began pleading with them.
Sir, I'm begging you in the name of God not to harm me, I have an old mother to take care of. Please have mercy on me. I pleaded.
Shut up over there. You are still alive because our boss is not yet here. He's gone with your brother to finalise your execution fee.
As for death, you can not escape it so begin to say your last prayers. The guy threatened.
I wept bitterly within.
So because of money, my own brother has given me up to be killed.
And because of mere pleasure, Junior is also ready to kill his own father.
God! Who is to be trusted? Are human beings worth trusting at all? I thought in tears.
An hour later, the leader of the gang arrived in a mask.
He got closer to me and held my chin.
Hey boy, how are you? Your execution fee is right here with me but I want you to confess to me why you spied on someone's deepest secret.
I also want you to tell me if you have any evidence against them.
Your time is limited so begin the answering now. He commanded.
Sir, in the first place, I'm terribly sorry for spying on someone's deepest secret. The truth of the matter is that, I am unable to stand betrayal.
Buba is my brother and he is betraying Mr Owusu. The man who feeds him and his family. The man who saved my life.
Sir, Buba is sleeping with the man's wife and they are planning to kill him. I explained.
My answer to the second question is that, I video them on my phone but whiles running away from the house, the phone fell somewhere along the road. So as I speak to you, I don't have any evidence. I added.
So in a nutshell, you are the second savior of the world right?
That also means you are ready to die in his place. The leader asked.
Yes sir, I'm ready to die in his place. If you kill me, please make sure Buba doesn't kill Mr Owusu.
If I die, Mr Owusu will be capable of taking care of my mother. I responded in tears.
Wow! You are so brave.
I've never met anyone like you who's willing to die for a total stranger.
Now tell me, why didn't you sleep with the woman when she wanted you to? He asked.
I stared at his covered face for a minute.
Sir, I know Buba told you all these, but the truth is that, I can never sleep with someone's wife.
I worship a True God who forbids all that. I responded.
Immediately after my words, the leader removed his mask.
My jaw dropped with shock.
Tears spewed from my eyes as I stared at his face.
Ganja! Is that you? I screamed sadly.
Sssshhhh Zach, don't scream!
I need to protect you from death. He whispered.
Ganja so you are an assassin? I questioned.
No Zach. Like I told you some months back, my guys and I only smoke Wee and womanize.
But since you advised me to stop, I have put all that behind me, except my guys. He explained.
So how come you were hired to kill me if you are not an assassin? I asked.
Zach, you know how the public perceives every smoker. They see all of us as criminals, but unfortunately, some of us can't even hurt a fly.
Some of us are only addicted to what we are striving hard to avoid. He explained.
So what really happened? How did Buba locate you? I asked desperately.
I was there yesterday with my guys in our ghetto when your brother came there with Mama Becky.
Their mission was to contract me and my guys to kill one Zach boy.
I was about to sack them when I remembered the person involved could be you, because, you are the only Zach in that house.
I quickly agreed to their request and asked my boys to help me find you.
I got scarier when they told me they had stabbed you. He explained.
Zach ma guy, thank God you are alive.
Now, I have to give them evidence that you are dead, else, they will contract other people to hunt you down. He added.
I burst into tears.
Ganja please help me. Don't allow them to kill me. I have to take care of my mother and Mr Owusu.
They need me to survive. I pleaded.
I know Zach. You are such a good person and I will do everything possible to ensure your safety.
What we are going to do is that, I will buy a goat with the money they've paid to me, and kill it so that we splash the blood on you to make it seem you are dead.
I will then take pictures of you as evidence and go and give it to them. Afterwards, we will plan what next to do. Ganja explained.
Thanks so much Ganja! God bless you! I responded in an uncontrollable tears.
To be continued...

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