BY: Hon Kelvin Atsem
Many scholars, including Dr. Vitalis Tarhule in his book
"Corrections under Nigerian Law" opined that Tiv people are atavistic in nature...they are always fighting their neighbors and when they are done fighting their neighbors, they fight themselves.
This opinion as harsh as it may sound is an indisputable fact, a stigma and a blemish we must all work towards jettisoning and purging ourselves of for the peace, growth, development and prosperity of the Tiv nation and Benue state at large.
Unfortunately, we have continued to pull down ourselves in the most callous and shameful manner. We have continued to surrender our best brains and symbols of national relevance as sacrificial lambs on the altars of politics for self gratification without recourse to the damming consequences.
I make bold to say without mincing words that Gabriel Torwua Suswam will come out a stronger and better man. But the effect of this political and unholy war will continue to hunt the architects and catalyst who are under the awful illusion that power is permanent forgetting that power is transient and life itself is dynamic. One could be here today and there tomorrow. Not too long ago, Gabriel Suswam was the Governor and the most powerful man in Benue, but at no time did he drag perceived political enemies to any authority for persecution. But some perverted, jittery and chicken-livered politicians at the helm of affairs today, who are afraid of Suswam's constant and ever growing popularity and acceptability have resorted to "Nicodemusly" going to Abuja to make baseless claims with a view of crippling the political career of a man who is favored by God to be a symbol of national relevance and a leader of no mean repute.
In the end, we will not only remember the works of our adversaries but we will seat and watch how posterity will catch up with them and nemesis will grab them by their testicles, swinging them from north to south, east to west and lifting them very high in the sky and smashing them endlessly on the ground until life will elude them.
The wicked shall never go unpunished!

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