Woman Killed By Tree She Set On Fire To Kill A Snake

A 33-year-old woman life was slain on Monday night during an
attempt to kill a snake after a tree she had set ablaze fell on her and took her life with an immediate effect

A witness, Kelvin Kunze, said the now deceased, Loveness Muchadakuenda, of Vigira farm in Mvurwi, Zimbabwe, was about to be attacked by a snake which later climbed up a tree near her hut after fellow farm workers came to her rescue, reports Bulawayo24.
The incident happened at around 3pm and with the help of other villagers, Loveness set the tree ablaze in a bid to scare away the snake, suspected to be a black mamba, which the witness said was common to the farming community that lay at the foot of a mountain.

“The snake wanted to attack her and she was rescued by the other villagers,” Kunze said.

“They attacked the snake and it fled and climbed up a tree near the deceased’s hut. This forced her to set the tree ablaze to scare the snake away.”

But Kunze said the snake somehow disappeared and about five hours later at around 8pm, the deceased decided to put off the fire.

“She went into her hut to get a bucket of water to put off the fire. Just as she came out, the tree, unfortunately, fell on her and she died instantly,” Kunze.

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