Yahoo Messenger Announces Closing Down After 20 Years

Yahoo Messenger Announces Closing Down After 20 Years
First of the it kind most used Messenger has declared it is closing
down on 17 July 2018 following 20 years in real life. "We know we have numerous reliable fans who have utilized Yahoo Messenger since its start as one of the primary applications of its kind," said Yahoo's parent organization, Oath.#
But these loyal fans weren’t enough to keep the platform going after so many years. Instant message applications were regarded as truly revolutionary 20 years ago. From the “ping” option in Yahoo Messenger to notify someone, to the “warning” lightning bolt you could send someone on AOL Instant Messenger if they were annoying you, these platforms taught us how to communicate on the internet.

But, with the rise of platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack and WeChat, there isn’t as much use for the originals anymore. For example, over one billion people use WhatsApp every day now.

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