I'm The Competent Candidate To Challenge and Defeat Buhari- Atiku Proudly Exclaims

I'm The Competent Candidate To Challenge and Defeat Buhari- Atiku Proudly  Exclaims
Let's stop dancing around the bush and we have to stop deceiving ourselves.
which of this presidential candidates is even perfect to move nigeria forward when they being deceptive in all ramifications. Recall that buhari also said the same during his campaign in 2015, but what have we seen yet than languishing in pains.  God will see us through.

Segun Showunmi, representative of the Atiku Abubakar Campaign Organization, has uncovered that it would be sad if the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) neglects to handle his essential as its candidate  in the 2019 presidential race.

Showunmi said Atiku merited the presidential ticket of the PDP in light of the fact that he had been profoundly engaged with the Nigeria's political framework and comprehends the quirk of the country's majority rules system extremely well.#
According to him, Atiku had built consensus, and is a nationalist that has the ears of the people, adding that he remained the only person who could give President Buhari a run for his money.

Speaking with Daily Sun on why Nigerians should queue behind Atikun in 2019, Showunmi said, “There are many Nigerians but he has unique political qualities that distinguished him from others. Many of the aspirants cannot generate exciting emotions outside of their zone. Some of them are just looking at presidency like ambition; they cannot articulate what they want to do with the opportunity. Nigeria needs a leader that has a global reputation.

“Atiku is obviously better than other aspirants including the opposition aspirants. He has a bigger vision for Nigeria. None of the Presidential aspirants could challenge Buhari in the 2019 election and succeed.

"Atiku is the only person that could do that. It will be unwise for PDP to bring an unpopular candidate to challenge the incumbent President. That would be disastrous. He is open to fresh ideas and he believes that all the tribes should bring ideas to the discussion table so we could collectively and extensively discuss and appease all worrying factions.”

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