Actress Funke Adesiyan Uncovers How Fulani Herdsmen Got Her On The Sick Bed For 5 Days

Actress  Funke Adesiyan Uncovers How Fulani Herdsmen Got Her On Sick Bed For 5 Days

The actress took to her social  media handle to narrate this with the above photo on how she was hospitalised for 5days because  of the
deadly herdsmen . She said;

''I remember this day 2016. 3 months prior, I'd just acquired 5 hectares of land at Ijebu Omu for watermelon farming. I was in such a high spirit looking forward to planting the new hybrid seedlings that had just surfaced. I was sleeping at a room apartment I rented in the village so I could be closer to farmland. We went to work. Cleared the land, sunk the borehole, layed the pipes for irrigation so water can be sufficient as watermelon feeds hugely on water and environment. We planted. I left the farm maintenance to the farm manager. I#
 I was so tired that I needed to take a holiday so bad but Ranti, my friend was just struck a deal with a Nigerian-Indian company who needed tomato suppliers who can be consistent. So we headed to Iseyin from Ijebu to see the expansion on our Tomato farm. I stopped in Ibadan on my way from Iseyin to drink with my constituents and have my favourite Amala Turaya at Yemetu.

On getting to Lagos, i had only 5days to prepare for my China trip as my partners from Iran and Pakistan wanted us to tour Hunan, a province popular for it's tea Cultivation. As a "soji girl" that I am, I exploit all money making avenues around me. I needed to shop for my milk and Sardines that I will sell in China to cover my hotel bills. (Ogbon lo gba)😉 So I spent one whole month in China from Shanghai to Yiwu to Hunan to Sixuan to Pinyin to Hanzhou and finally Guangzhou where I met my beautiful Abuja babe, Mobola. I was tired and drained mentally and physically. I had a week stopover in Dubai which I'd to cancel cos I just wanted to be in the strong embrace of my #ejika the best man any woman can ask for😍. As I turned my phone on at Dubai airport, text messages came in from my watermelon farm manager that #fulaniherdsmen had come into my farm and their cows had destroyed our watermelon that was due for Cultivation😭 oh how i cried! I collapsed right there at Dubai airport. I was rushed to the emergency hospital and was on admission for the 5days I didn't want to spend! (Man proposes....) This Picture was taken the 2nd day by my Doctor.
I have never met youths who have zeal to success more than Nigerians but the collapse of law and order by the👇👇

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