DOMESTIC VIOLENCE : Pakistani Actress & Songtress Gunned Dead By Husband

Pakistani Actress & Songtress Gunned Dead By Husband
A Pakistani vocalist and performing actress was purportedly shot dead by her own
particular spouse. The TV actress known as Reshma is thought to have been gunned down after a domestic violence attack.

The suspect, who had three wives before Reshma, allegedly stormed into the singer's house she shared with her brother in Nowshera Kalan, north Pakistan.

After a heated argument, he pulled out a gun and killed her, detectives allege.

Police said he managed to escape the scene of the crime before officers launched a murder investigation, The Times Of India reported.

Reshma was famous in Pakistan for her role in a drama called Zhobal Goluna.

Na real wa! Someone just ended another person's life o. Oh Lord,  don't bring our enemies close to us.

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