Meghan's Half-Sister Exposes False Report: Meghan's NOT Flying To The US To Reunite With Her Father

Meghan's Half-Sister Exposes the False Report: Meghan's NOT Flying To The US To Reconcile With Her Father
Meghan Markle's relative has intensely denied reports that the Duchess is intending to rejoin with their dad Thomas
not long from now.

Throughout the end of the week a source asserted Prince Harry's significant other would take a performance trip home to America to reunite with Thomas Markle. #
Samantha Markle scoffed at that claim, telling the Sun: 'I speak to him every day and it's sad but, no, they have not contacted him. There is no meeting planned, that is PR spin.

'The PR machines can stop trying to make out she's making an effort — she is not.' Samantha, who has been estranged from the Duchess since 2015, has been her father's most ardent defender in the months since Thomas and Meghan stopped speaking.

' This is a heartbreaking time for him and I'm very sad watching my sister ignore him,' she said.

Since his no-show at the Royal Wedding, Thomas has repeatedly complained about being 'cut off' by his daughter in media interviews - vowing that he won't stop speaking to the press until she agrees to get back on speaking terms.

Earlier this week an insider claimed Meghan is 'deeply hurt' by what has happened with father, calling it an 'increasingly desperate situation'.

Meghan celebrated her 37th birthday on Sunday, her first since becoming a part of the Royal Family.

Samantha used the opportunity to highlight the family rift, sending the Duchess her birthday wishes alongside a snide comment about her decision to ignore her father.

On Twitter she wrote: 'Happy Birthday Meg! It would be so lovely and appropriate of you to send DAD a BELATED birthday card for his July 18th [cake emoji] @KensingtonRoyal Cheers!'

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