NBC Boss, Buhari Loyal Follower In Open Condemned Saraki

A senior Buhari administration official who has pummeled self-assertive fines on media associations for professedly communicating
loathe discourses has himself been found regurgitating horrible purposeful publicity on WhatsApp.

Modibbo Kawu, chief general of National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) who has driven the charge against government-characterized loathe discourse, stunned numerous in a WhatsApp group
of northern editors and intellectuals on Thursday morning after going on a hate-filled tirade targeted at Senate President Bukola Saraki.

Mr Kawu, also of Kwara State, ventilated about Saraki’s influence on Kwara people and said the situation has gone beyond normal.

“It is not the “natural” human condition to continuously vote for a kleptocratic hegemony such as Saraki has imposed on our dear Kwara State,” the NBC chief said shortly before 9:00 on Thursday.

Premium Times reports that he then went on to detail a slew of nasty and uncorroborated assertions against the Senate President, all to the consternation of the group’s members who immediately carpeted the top bureaucrat for using the platform to further the cause of ethnic and sectarian tensions.

“Bukola Saraki’s hegemony has been responsible for a systematic underdevelopment of Kwara; the entrenchment of a pattern of cult killings and blood letting that’s unique.

“And over a three year period, 2010, 2011, and 2013, tens of people were killed in stampede in front of the offices and residence of the Saraki. Even the Offa “robbery” where 33 people died was far more like their pattern of ritual killings than robbery!

“How much money do they have in Offa banks that 33 people had to be killed? These are questions people ask in Kwara. Hopefully the incredibly arrogant Bukola Saraki, whose family has no Asali whatsoever, has finally arrived at a denouement! Nothing lasts forever; not a kleptocratic hegemony; not an oppressive domination of a state by a family, which really isn’t even from our state!” Mr Kawu said.

“That’s why he doesn’t share the values of our community; looks down at our people and carries himself with so much contempt!’ Mr Kawu said. ‘Even his names tell anyone who knows Ilorin that this is an “alien” individual. His full names are OLUBUKOLA OLABOWALE ADEBISI (sic).”

“These are not names an Ilorin person would normally be called. And he didn’t have a Muslim name until he wanted to run for governor in 2002-2003! They first named him Muktar after his grandfather and that was then dropped for Abubakar, the name his father was also “borrowed” in Ilorin. These are the facts!” Mr Kawu said.

Some members of the WhatsApp group were enraged by the level of ethnic and religious epithets emanating from Mr Kawu, who was once an editor of Daily Trust, and took turns to condemn him and preach oneness instead.

“We should not allow politics to becloud our judgments and hence destroy all the principles we claim to stand for,” a member of the group Zainab Okino said. “We cannot build or grow a nation, when we remain stuck in the past; that one is not qualified for this or that because he’s not from so so state.

“Instead we should work towards being citizens of one nation identified only by residency, without labelling or profiling. This is an ideal which I thought Modibbo espoused.

“How will he feel if Kwara people also disclaim him, having traced his origin to Wurno in Kebbi or may even be farther to Futa Jalon in Guinea, Senegal or Mali.

“We all come from somewhere, so it should not be a yardstick to assess individuals, even if they do not represent what we stand for,” Ms Okino added.

Another member of the group, Ibrahim Sheme, put a simple question to Mr Kawu about Mr Saraki: “Is he a Muslim or not? I thought he was.”

Mr Kawu did not return PT requests for comments between Thursday and Sunday.

Unbridled hypocrisy 
Mr Kawu’s bilious rants, Premium Times observes, were apparently aimed at consoling himself and other supporters of Buhari and the ruling APC for the recent events in politics. The APC has lost scores of state and federal lawmakers within the past week, with many defecting largely under the influence of Mr Saraki.

Saraki dumped the ruling party after several months of tension between him and the Buhari administration. The APC blamed the top lawmaker for its woes, and his latest political exploits had been seen as highly pivotal and potentially caustic for Mr Buhari’s re-election bid.

Funny enough, earlier this year, an APC senator proposed a bill that sought to punish convicted hate speech purveyors with death.

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