Photos: 91 Casualties Died In Indonesia Island EarthQuake

No less than 91 individuals are presently known to have kicked the bucket after a great seismic tremor hit the
Indonesian island of Lombok.

Many individuals have been injured by Sunday's tremor, authorities say, generally in the north of the island.

The 6.9 magnitude tremor was fairly shallow, occurring only 30km (18 miles) underground. It damaged thousands of buildings and triggered power cuts.

About 1,000 foreign tourists are being evacuated from the nearby Gili islands and at least one person died on Bali.

Video footage from Bali, to the west of Lombok, showed people running from their homes screaming.

There have been more than 130 aftershocks since the quake hit on Sunday morning.

A tsunami warning was issued but was lifted after a few hours.

It comes a week after another quake hit Lombok, popular with tourists who visit its beaches and hiking trails. That quake killed at least 16 people.

91 Casualties Died In Indonesia Island EarthQuake

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