Recipe: How to Prepare Egusi Soup in Nigeria

How to Prepare Egusi Soup in Nigeria
Egusi Soup is a soup eaten by relatively every clan, culture, and society in Nigeria which is impeccable on most swallow Foods
. The soup is particularly exceptionally famous among the Igbo individuals of Southeastern Nigeria, the Efik or Calabar individuals and the Ibibio individuals of southern Nigeria, the Edo individuals, Esan individuals, and Etsako individuals of southwest Nigeria. The Yoruba tribess, the Hausa of northern Nigeria. 
Every tribe in Nigeria has different methods of preparing Egusi soup and according to their culture different local doughs made to combine with this meal. For example, the people of Osun state especially the Ijesha people combine pounded yam with Egusi soup, popularly known as “Iyan and Egusi”. The Igbos combine Eba with Egusi, fufu or Akpu with Egusi etc. The Yorubas combine Amala with it and also with eba or fufu.

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How to Prepare Egusi Soup in Nigeria
Egusi soup can be eaten with varieties of local doughs formed from garri (called eba), pounded yam (called Iyan in Yoruba), wheat dough, fufu or Akpu, amala, semovita, and also with rice.
The interesting thing about this meal is that every tribe can eat from other tribes’ Egusi delicacy not minding the culture. For example, a Yoruba person can also eat the igbo tribe’s Egusi delicacy combined with Akpu, the Igbo person can also eat the Yoruba tribe’s Egusi delicacy combined with Amala or Iyan.
This article is focusing on the Igbo type of Egusi. Egusi soup as we know is especially well known and popular among the Igbos. It is one of their major soups. If you want to know how to prepare this kind of delicacy, this article is for you for this will also help improve your African culinary skills. Let’s get started!
Ingredients Needed in Preparing Our Egusi Soup
1. 2 cups of ground Egusi
2. Palm oil
3. Meat (cow meat or goat meat)
4. Stock fish (popularly known as ‘Okporoko’).
5. Dry smoked fish
6. Grated fresh pepper
7. Salt
8. Stock seasoning cubes ( knorr or Maggi cube: anyone of your choice)
9. Cray fish.
10. An onion bulb.
11. Ukpo (as the thickener).
12. Sliced ugu or squeezed and washed fresh bitter leaf (anyone you wish to use).
Method of Preparation
1. Wash the stock fish (okporoko), the dry smoked fish, and the meat.
2. Set the pot on the lit stove and add some water.
3. Pour the meat, okporoko, and the dry smoked fish in the pot on the stove containing the water.
4. Slice a small bulb onion and add it to the mixture and add a very small amount of salt.
5. Add two cubes of stock seasoning cubes (Knorr or Maggi or anyone of your choice) and cover and leave to cook for about three (3) to five (5) minutes so that the meat, okporoko, dry smoked fish become tender (easy to cut or chew).
6. After the five (5) minutes, add the two (2) cups of ground Egusi in the boiling mixture and add like half spoon of ukpo to thicken the soup and then stir.
7. Pour little amount of palm oil to give the soup an enticing look.
8. Add your grated fresh pepper and stir.
9. Wash the crayfish and pound it in a mortar using pistle to pound and add it to the cooking mixture and stir.
10. Add again some amount of salt and a cube of stock seasoning to the cooking mixture to make it taste better and then stir.
11. Wash your sliced ugu or your squeezed fresh bitter leaf and add to the boiling mixture and stir and cover for up to 3 to 5 minutes.
Let the heating be moderate to avoid getting burnt. After the 3 or 5 minutes, turn off the stove and the soup is ready to be served and eaten.
Remember: it can be served with any local doughs from eba, Akpu or fufu, wheat, semovita, pounded yam, lafu, etc.

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