See Actor Damola Olatunji Motivating Write-up About Money & Power.

See Actor Damola Olatunji Motivating Write-up About Money & Power.
Cute Actor Damola Olatunji really caught my attention with his recently shared write-up basically on money and
power. Peruse beneath :
iWHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT MONEY OR POWER? Money and Power are the two faces of the same coin.
There are five basic needs of a person viz. food, clothes, shelter, education, and medicine. But now a days people's demands have increased. One who has these five facilities wants something more and on the other hand one who has more than these facilities still wants more than he has got. In this age NEEDS are UNLIMITED but RESOURCES of living are LIMITED. Every person wants more power, more money.
Actor Damola Olatunji

If a person has bicycle he wants bike , a person having bike wants a car, one who has car wants a more expensive luxury car and so on.
Money can buy you all of these things. But a person who has enough money to fulfil all his needs - should be conscious of his reputation. Talking about reputation and the position of the 
Law is like a spider web, when small insects get in, they die. When big insects get in they break the web and come out.
In conclusion a person with respect, social position is equal to a rich person. But a rich without social position, respect, nobel manner is equals to a tree but without roots.

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