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Marriage Shouldn't Take Away Your Sexiness.
Often I hear people say that most married men don't like to show their wives off. Even wives do complain that their hobbies prefer to go out with younger girls instead of them. Though
Bible does encourages men to praise their wives publicly. But it has come to my notice that most women after marriage barely find time to take care of themselves. And I want us to schmooze this disturbing issue.
Darling, you want your man to show you off, but do you present yourself as someone who deserves to be shown off. Sweetheart, before you got married, you were always very glamorous, dazzling with elfin beauty. You were sexy. What has happened to all those ascetic qualities of yours? Did your husband tell you to stop looking sexy? Or you think since you are now married you have to retire from all that? Marital life is not an end to sexiness. Rather sexiness is like a juice to your marital life.. Don't let that your charisma, poise, charm and angelic character go.
According to Urban Dictionary,
Sexiness is the aesthetic way of expressing the inner and outer beauty of an individual. It's not just about your physique or physical. Rather, it's the blend of your body and brain, your makeup-ability and mind, your attitude and action, and your presentation power of all the pleasantries in your possession.
Look good for your spouse. No man wouldn't wanna show off his beautiful treasure or wife. As a wife or mother, take good care of your body and charisma. Don't stop looking alluring. Smell good. Look flawless. Work hard so that you wouldn't have to rely on your husband for everything, most especially your manicures, jewelleries and dresses. A single woman is just a princess, hence marriage should make you a queen. Dress like a queen and not a slave.
Sexiness is not limited to only your appearance but also your speech. Be romantic in your conversations and manner of approach. Avoid using harsh words when speaking with your spouse. Look very vulnerable yet confident and poised. Make use of that feminine touch God has given to you.

Beautiful pluz size woman

Even Pastors' wives have come to realized these simple principles. That's why before a pastor starts his sermon he first of all recognizes the presence of his "beautiful wife".
Take care of yourself. There are women who have up to two to three kids but if they don't tell you you won't know. Don't make your husband to be tired of you so quick! You have got the magic in your eyes, but the problem is how to apply it. Let it be when your husband sees a beautiful woman outside, he would be like, "I have got one, too, (blessed in all sense of it), waiting for me at home." Look good, darling, but most importantly, not at the expense of your spiritual life. Don't just talk to your man be it on phone or face-to-face like you are chatting with your female friends. When you speak with him on phone while he's away on a trip or what ever, let your voice make him wanna hurry back home. The mansion is not a home, it's just a building --- you are the home. Work on the tone of your voice. Convert your nagging prowess to prayer prowess. Your mouth is not for nagging, it's for prayers and words of blessings.
Be the reason he can't wait to come back home. Create that peaceful atmosphere around you. Pray that God gives you that quiet spirit.
Don't just sit there and say that you are now a housewife, you are something more.
Enjoy your marriage. Put God first. Save your marriage and relationship from hackers. Don't leave any chance for anyone to come in and do for your man your own responsibility. Love your man until there's no space left for someone else to come and fill. You have got the magic in your eyes. There's a beauty inside of you able to calm the storm.
Love ya! 
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