I have came to understand that when a women truly loves a man she will be more
committed, in any that relationship, she invest her time, energy, communicate, money and everything within her unless she doesn't love you.
And when she is doing all this things and you purposefully choose to treat her bad she will react badly.
Women barely cheat on their man if they truly loves you,
There are factors that would make a woman cheat on her man.
1: lack of affection: any woman can fall into the hands of any man that gives her affections.
women choose to be with a man who gives them affection than a man who castigate them, don't forget that affection cost nothing than caring.

You can't beat her in the afternoon and expect her to be angel in the night.
2: Lack of caring: any woman can fail into the hands of any man who cares for her. A woman need a man who will care for her, pamper her and cuddle her to the fullest, even in the midst of money she will still not cheat on him.
3: lack of appreciation: any woman can fall into the hands a man who will appreciate the little she did, if you will appreciate her and give her a sweet name you have coded her to do more for you. But when you fail to give it to her whoever that appreciate her consistently have gained her attentions.
4: lack of love: any woman can fall into the hands of another man who shows her love, who is willing to give her attention and listen to her.
5: Betrayal of her trust:
One of the worst you can do your woman is the betrayal of her trust and confidence in you.
Women are controlled by what they hear,
Lear to call her sweet names, code her with good appreciation, even if its not from your heart but let it come from your heart not from another man.
Women are controlled by what touches them,
Learn to know where to touch your woman, stop foiling her expectations of your touches on her.
Women are controlled by what they see, always be there for her, by her side, don't appear and disappear from her, she needs to see you always, she need to know you are still there to protect her, your presence gives her hope.
Today make that woman in your life your priority, the side chicks can't be there for you she only wants what you have.
If a woman is there to build you, and help you grow economically and otherwise please honor her. 
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