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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode ten
Just like a flash,I found myself sitting near aunty Abigail as we were heading for the city.
I really didn’t favoured the idea since I don’t know her but it was like she wasn’t willing to take a “no” as an answer.
Well, after much persuasion,I accepted and followed her.
I didn’t have anything to pack so I just followed her like that taking only the few notes of money left.
A part of me didn’t seem to like the idea but I brushed it aside and I gave her my trust wholeheartedly.
She doesn’t look like a bad person, though is not written on the forehead but I believed she has my best interests at heart.
This was my first time of leaving my village for somewhere else.
I might not know what is in for me but I gave my entire journey and new beginning to God.
Mother has already assured me that she and God will never leave me and I trust them.
The journey was quite a smooth one.
Filling my eyes with alot of beautiful sites as we drove along, amazed and impressed at the wonderful acts of our creator.
I got to know alot of Aunty Abigail, ranging from her name,work to families and others that I was interested in knowing.
Being an inquisitive person,I asked alot of questions,that you may never think could come from a little girl like me,and as patient as she was,she gave me sensitive replies to everything asked.
She told me about her governmental work which was the reason of her visit to my village and also about her family.
She is a divorcee.
Her husband and her got separated after her last child was born and relocated to the states.
She has four children,which were all grown up and are doing pretty well.
The elderly two,a boy and a girl named Charles and Shirley are married and stayed in Germany.
The third one,a girl too named Susanna,is presently spending the vacation with her daddy in America.
The last one,which she called Chris was doing his NYSC and will be back in a year,so she stayed alone with just the gate man.
I asked about house helps and she told me it wasn’t necessary because she is not the lazy type.
I wanted to know the reason behind her divorce but decided to just forget it.
I mustn’t know everything within a day,after all,that was going to be my new home and i still have alot of time to find out.
I felt so comfortable around her and I never stop laughing throughout the journey especially when she cracked a joke about village lifestyle.
At a point,she stopped and parked the car,I thought we have reached,but she told me to wait for her for few seconds,she was going to get something.
To admit,I felt a little frightened nevertheless I patiently waited as she opened the door and left.
She went to the eatery to get some food which I later got to learn about.
I somehow felt that mother was watching wherever she was and I prayed that the decision I have taken is the best.
Few minutes,Aunty Abigail came back, opened and entered.
She opened the bag and gave me a package of fried rice and a big chicken like a baby head plus a bottle of cold orange juice.
“Eat up dear,I know you must be hungry” she told me.
I was staring at the food like a ghost, refusing to believe that all these were for me and me only.
Like seriously,am I the one that is going to eat a spicy fried rice and chicken laps?
She looked at me and laughed.
I guess she understood what was going through my mind.
“My dear, everything is for you ok,eat whatever way you want to eat and enjoy your meal”
I looked up and began to cry.
I never dream of a day like this,a day where I will finally get to taste the same food only rich people eat in my village.
A day when I will feast on a fat,big chicken laps like this.
I wished mother was here to join me.
She deserved to have a taste of this blessing too.
“No,no Jessy” Aunty Abigail said to me “we agreed no more tears from today onward,so why do you want to break the rules,I will be so mad at you now”
“I am sorry ma” I apologized “just that is so hard to believe,it looks like a dream to me”
“I know dear” she said wiping my tears with a tissue.
“I perfectly understand but is not a dream ok,Jessy is time to move on.You are going to start over and I will make sure that I do my best for you”
“Thank you so much ma,I am really grateful”
“Is ok,now hurry and eat your food before it gets cold, eat whatever way you want but take your time so you don’t get choke on it also we are stopping at the boutique to get you some nice outfits” she said
I didn’t understand what a boutique was but that wasn’t my concern right now.
The only thing on my mind was which way to tackle this chicken from.
I thanked her once again and turned to the food.
I smiled and grab the chicken first.
Today is Today
God help you if I spare you.
I took a big bite like my life depended on it,which made aunty Abigail to chuckle.
I know that chicken will never come as a chicken in its next life


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