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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode five
Mother was buried at the back of our house with me and a village drunkard who heard what has befallen us and came to help me dug her grave to bury her.
The others never mind to sympathize with me, not that, they liked us anyway.
Every day and night,I wept my eyes out.
I have lost my voice but I continued to cry.
For three days, I didn’t taste anything called food or water
I became a shadow of myself and it was like I was preparing myself for death.
Imagine,we were suffering when mother was alive, so what about now that she is dead leaving me alone?
I cursed God in my heart.
Mother had claimed that he cares and understands so why wasn’t he compassionate enough to just grant my desire and save my mother?
She told me that he sees everything, hears our cries and understands our pains,so where was him when she was dying?
Where was he when I cried for just a favour?
Where was him when death snatched her away right before my eyes and I couldn’t do anything?
Probably,he had travelled or he was very busy.
Yes,so busy that he didn’t want to be disturbed with our complains.
She once told me that he is going to make everything beautiful in his own time but when is that time going to come?
Is it now that she is dead?
Is it now that I have completely become a orphan,a poor one for that matter.
He refused to give us money,food, happiness,peace and other good things that other humans had.
what kind of God is he?
What did we do to him that is so difficult to forgive and forget?
What happen to his hands that he has refused to reach out to us in times of our greatest needs?
Seems like,he derives joy in seeing his subjects suffering in abject poverty.
Of course,the cries of the poor were like music to his ears.
I will never worship him again.
Infact I am done with church for life that’s if I will make it out of this world alive.
What am I going to do?
Who on Earth will I turn to?
Already, people saw me as a witch so who’s gonna be so merciful towards a witch that kill her parents?
And I think they were absolutely right.
I have heard stories of children that brought good luck, wealth and happiness to their parents at birth but as for me,I brought death and sorrows.
How can my daddy died at my birth if I am not a witch?
And now,my only hope that gave me the strength to cope with this unbearable and heart forsaken life gone.
“Oh! Death where are you” I lamented in sorrows.
Just complete the entire process and kill me too.
What am I still living for?
What is life for?
Is it just to be counted among the living?
I wished to die and just end all this once and for all.
A girl of fifteen is suffering like this.
Do I still have hope for the future?
Do I even have a future at all?
I cried uncontrollable till I had no tears to pour any longer..
That night,I had a dream where mother appeared to me and told me never to allow pressures of life change my faith in God.
She apologized for leaving me so early but assured me that she is in a better place where there is no pains nor sorrows.
I told her to take me with her and she promised that I will come stay with her one day when I am ripe in old age and have lived a fulfill life.
She told me that God is alive and he is still planning the best for us and I should never gave up.
I should never stopped praying and believing that everything will be alright very soon.
She warned me about the dangers of sin and told me never to allow it into my heart no matter where I find myself.
Infact,this was the time I need to pray more clinging unto God as the lifter of my head,the author and finisher of my faith.
I listened as she went on explaining and quoting scriptures to me emphasizing on the everlasting love and fulfilling promises of God.
She told me to continue with the fufu business so I can survived.
She showed me a box where she had been able to save a little money from our business and told me to spend it wisely.
Lastly she promised never to leave me nor allowed anything to hurt me and assured that God and her will be with me till the end then she disappeared and I woke up sweating.


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