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    Too Late To Claim
    Written by Chichi
    Episode seven
    The lady stood in shock starring at the little girl as she walked away.
    That was so rude of her to walk out on her even when she wasn’t done talking to her but somehow she wasn’t feeling annoyed.
    What she felt was pity due to what she saw in her eyes.
    She had heard and came across a lot of young teenagers that were hawking instead of going to school both in villages and cities.
    Throughout her work with the government,she had been able to interrogate them and their parents as well whenever she and her colleagues went out to examine the welfares of children and the one major issue has to do with finances.
    Parents complained of not having enough to carter for the needs of their offsprings,as a result, hawking goods was the only alternative left to survive.
    That is her job and that was the reason she had come to the village.
    The government send she and other workers to come examine and interview villagers and undertake some projects that will help improve their standard of living.
    They were done and will be leaving tomorrow so she decided to drive around the village to fill her eyes when that little girl ran into her car and was knocked down.
    Thank God nothing happened to her because it would have been a different story by now.
    She must admit,she was so angry when she got out of the car but as she approached the girl,her heart got soften by what she saw.
    She had saw tears and pains in her eyes when she helped to lift her up.
    When the girl spoke to her,she heard and felt sorrows in her voice.
    She couldn’t let go of her
    Something was definitely wrong.
    Could it be because her goods got damaged or does she stay with step parents?
    Alot of stories had been told about children who were maltreated by step parents and relatives.
    Could it be what that little girl was going through?
    And she is so smart for her little age which she guessed could be around twelve to fifteen.
    What a brilliant girl!
    She had refused to collect money and even blamed herself for the damages.
    Something most children and adults would never do.
    Her mind was troubled.
    There is something she needs to find out about that little girl and the only way is to follow her.
    She got into her car, ignited the engine and zoomed off, forgetting about her plans for that day.
    That little girl was all that matters.
    I got home and threw the tray away as I sat on the rock outside my house and began to shed tears.
    When will all these troubles end?
    Have I not bore enough already?
    Doesn’t God knows that I am too young for all these challenges?
    All my goods are destroyed.
    Where will I get the money to manage for the next few days?
    I cried out loudly.
    What kind of life is this for a orphan like me?
    I wished mother was here to console me.
    I stopped crying when I heard the sound of a car stopped in front of me.
    I looked up wondering who could it be.
    The door opened,a woman got out and walked and approached me.
    I recognized the face and stood up in shock.
    Was this not the same lady that knocked me down with her car?
    Who showed her this place and what is she doing here?

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