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Too Late To Claim
Written by Chichi
Episode eight
I stood starring at her as she walked closer to me.
“Hey” she spoke looking at me” I am so sorry for knocking you down”
“Is ok ma” I replied her “it wasn’t your fault but mine,I would have put you into trouble”
“I know but I am also wrong” she told me
“No you are not.As you can see nothing happened to me.
I am perfectly fine and for the goods,I have no problem with that but please what are you doing here and who showed you this place?” I asked her
“Oh!!I followed you home.i am a mother with feelings,I couldn’t leave you like that despite you refusing to accept money from me. I need to check if you are ok” she said.
At the mentioned of “Mother” I began to cry.
She looked at me wondering why I was crying.
“What is wrong dear?” she asked me
“Nothing ma, please I do appreciate your kindness” I told her
“Is ok dear” she said “but please where are your parents?” She asked me “I need to explain to them so that they won’t be upset with you and maybe paid for the damages.”
I cried louder again.
Why was this woman reopening my wound that is still in the process of healing?
“Why are you crying dear?” She asked
“Nothing” I replied her “please ma,you need to go,you have already shown enough care already,I appreciate”
“But I want to see your parents”
“I said Go” I shouted in anger
She froze at the spot looking at me.
I looked at her and felt remorseful.
I regretted shouting at her.
“Please ma,I am sorry for shouting” I said calmly “you just need to go,my parents won’t like to see you here”
“But why?”she asked
“We don’t entertain stranger” I replied
She sighed and shook her head.
“Alright then,if you say so” she answered and turn to leave.
I looked at her as she got to her car,turned to look at me for the last time before entering into her car and driving off.
I fell to the floor and wept uncontrollably.
Was mother not seeing what I was going through?
Was God not seeing it too?
Why are they watching and doing nothing?
Mother had encouraged me to bear it with faith,but how long do I bear for?
When is light going to shine on my dark life?
If God knew he wasn’t going to take care of me,why did he bring me to earth?
“Mother, please come and help me” I lamented in sorrows.
My stomach groaned in pains.
Since yesterday I haven’t tasted any food.
“Mother where are you?” I cried again.
She stopped and parked at a corner off the road.
Her mind couldn’t believed what just happened back there moment ago.
That little brat shouting at her just because she requested to see her parents and apologize.
What insolence!
What audacity!
What impudence!
Imagine the effrontery!
Is that how these villagers behaved?
No manners not respect for elderly ones.
That little girl is not even closer to the last of her children and non of her children had ever shouted at her before.
What a rude girl!
But why did she refused to allow her see her parents?
Could she be right about her staying with step parents or relatives?
But that should be the more reason why she should have allowed her to see them so they won’t think she is lying about what happened to her.
Back then,she cried after what she said.
Though she didn’t see anything wrong but she couldn’t understand why she was crying just as she had cried earlier on when she was knocked down.
She believed something was definitely wrong
And the only way to find out is to make enquires.
She doesn’t understand why she was doing all this but something about that little girl triggered her inner being.


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