Footballer's Career Quenches As Train Amputates His Foot (Photo)

A football player from the University of Central Oklahoma, U.S., Derek Loccident (presented above) had his left foot amputated after he apparently endeavored to
slither under a train he thought was stopped. 

The Oklahoman announced that Loccident, a 20-year-old guarded back, lost his foot when the prepare began to move.The incident occurred early Sunday and Loccident was able to get the attention of a bystander, the report said.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital after someone at the scene recovered his foot. Loccident is said to be recovering fast.

The school’s athletic department issued a statement that it will offer its “full support” to his family.

Nick Bobeck, the team’s coach reportedly said, “The only thing that matters right now is that Derek knows he has our full support.”


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