Love charm backfires, turns lady into a se-x addict .

Yeah! You can't be deceptive, persuading jujucians and end up well. No! Its difficult to escape that. In a situattion like this, just move more closer to your LORD because he's the only saviour who can ease your conditions.. Aynaijang blog CEO has spoken!
 In an attempt to get her 46 years old husband, Douglas Nyoni, back, a Zimbabwean lady,
Cynthia Mvhuma, 36, consulted a herbalist who have her a love portion. .
According to Iharare, she used the charm to entice him, but things took the wrong turn when it turned her into a se-x addict. .

In a recent interview with B-Metro, Mvhuma said love portion gave her a ravenous sex urge instead of bringing back the love of her life. .

“I always feel the urge for s-ex every time. A few years back when my husband left me I went to see a traditional healer who gave me juju to help win him back.

Love charm backfires, turns lady into a sex addict .

I poured it all over my body as instructed, and waited for the miracle to happen. After two days I started feeling weird and my privates were wet,” she said .

She went back to the herbalist, however she was told that there is nothing to worry about as it was all part of the process. .

‘‘I have been with many men and I stopped counting when I reached 47. Now I just sleep around and not feel any emotional connection like before. Sometimes I’m with two men at the same time,’’ Mvhuma added

Mvhuma says that she is afraid to go for HIV tests as she does not want any more stress after sleeping with almost everything that walks. The herbalist has since died and the man she risked all for, has moved out of the country.


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