Luck ran out of fake doctor who administers drip, transfuses blood in medicine store

I blame our government, because if there is good health care system, and health insurance for all Nigerians, I don't think anyone will go to this knd of place for treatment.

Allow Aynaijang CEO to say that most Nigerians  love cheap things, they will refuse to go to hospitals and get proper medical care, because they have another doctor that can can treat them for less charge. Please don't allow those fake medical doctors to toy with your health.
Fake Nigerian doctor

Ifetayo Olowolayemo, a patent medicine store owner who has been alleged to be carrying out unauthorized medical diagnosis and treatment on patients, has been nabbed in Akure, Ondo State.

The suspect, who was arrested during the monitoring exercise on patent medicine stores in the state, was paraded before reporters.

Various control and banned drugs and injections, including Enagin, were reportedly found in his possession.

He had allegedly been administering drips, transfusing blood with wrong instruments, injecting his victims with banned and dangerous injections and using medical wastes in an unlawful manner.


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