SHOCKER! China government begins closing down churches, set bibles on fire (Watch Video)

China's authority is tightening up a crackdown on Christian assemblages in Beijing and a
few territories, annihilating crosses, consuming books of scriptures, shutting churches and requesting adherents to sign papers renouncing their faith, as gathered from ministers of God and a gathering that monitors religion in China. 
China government begins Closing down churches, set bibles on fire

AP reports that the campaign corresponds with a drive to "Sinicize" religion by demanding loyalty to the officially atheist Communist Party.
Chinese law requires religious believers to worship only in congregations registered with the authorities, but many millions belong to so-called underground or house churches that defy government restrictions.

In Beijing, the Zion church was shut on Sunday, the church's pastor, Ezra Jin Mingri, said on Monday. Zion is known as the largest house church in Beijing, with six branches.

Besides Christianity, millions of Muslims in far-west China have been facing forced political indoctrination at alleged ‘brainwashing camps’ where they have to eat pork and drink alcohol as ‘punishment’,

Whereas, children in traditionally Buddhist Tibet, have been banned from taking part in religious activities during the summer holidays.

This is quite shallow. Trying to force people in being an Atheist or Buddhist doesn’t make any sense. People should be allowed freedom or religion and association. This is pure show of ignorance.


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