SHOCKING: Tinubu Likes Money Too Much– Ambode Insults Jagaban Tinubu

One Tinubu supporter reviews the minute The Jagaban decided not to back Ambode for a
second term.

"Ambode for the most part always hung off telephone calls in a discourteous manner. Recently, he did it once more, with the exception of that he really neglected to end the call.
He was on the phone with Tinubu and stopped talking abruptly, but forgot to end the call. He was now telling his aides that; ‘what does he (Tinubu) want again?
Tinubu Likes Money Too Much, Ambode Insults Jagaban Tinubu

“Always disturbing me with calls. If he wants money, just give him. Nonsense money monger. If he wants two billion, give him four billion. The agbaya…I will retire him’…and on and on he went.

“He didn’t know that Tinubu was still listening on the other end of the line. Tinubu immediately put the phone on speaker mode and called us (his aides) to come to listen to what the governor was saying. That was the day we all knew Ambode wouldn’t be getting Jagaban’s support for a second term”, the source said.

Another Tinubu loyalist corroborated this story. “The governor was apparently in a nite club on the day and probably got carried away”, we were told.


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