Uncle disfigures niece’s bo-obs, face with hot iron over a false missing N3k (Photos)

One Effiong Sunday has been dragged to the police for burning her 13-year-old niece with a
hot pressing iron in Bayelsa State.

According to Onyido Victor, the incident happened on Tuesday, September 5, 2018, at Brass street, Etegwe Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. .
The girl had been falsely accused of stealing the N3k from a neighbor, however, she denied the allegation. The uncle was said to have insisted that she must tell him the truth and he started beating her.
Uncle  disfigures niece’s bo-obs, face over a false missing N3k with hot iron (Photos)

He later removed her cloth and started burning her with a hot pressing iron. Fortunately, the neighbor eventually found his money where he kept it, but despite the injuries, Sunday didn't bother to take the victim to the hospital.

An NGO, DO FOUNDATION, chaired by Barrister Dise Ogbesi Sheila, was eventually notified and the girl was taken to the Ekeki police station. Sunday and his wife were, subsequently, invited, while the girl is now receiving treatment.

Aynaijang blog ceo : Am very sure the bastard must have been making advances which she refused. Of all part of the body why the bo-obs, hr just disfigured someone cause of 3k.
He actually just wanted to see the bo*bs But why burning her? Smh... He'll soon start harassing that child sexually. That's if he hasn't started already sef. Probably she had been resisting him, then he used the missing 3k as an excuse to torture her, since she nor dey allow am press it freely. Men with low trick!


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