WICKEDNESS! Islamic ALFA makes girl lie down on hot charcoal..See what happened after!

An Alfa has been accused of brutalizing a young girl by making her lie down on hot charcoal
in Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

According to Okwusogu, a military officer who shared the news via his Facebook page, the girl’s only offense was that she for got home late from work.

Breast on hot charcoal. Aynaijang CEO don't really wanna react much but that is one of the highest level of cruelty. Im sure he's blaming the devil right now. Even pple who arent practising no religion know its inhumane to enslave and maltreat nobody all in the name of housegirl/houseboy/housemaid. Bunch of hypocrites hiding under the guise of religion to do evil.


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