Aynaijang.com 50k giveaway is here!

Good day Aynaijang.com readers ! Hope
you’re all enjoying your day?

Mine has been filled with pleasant surprises and I’m so excited

Are you ready to win from our N50k giveaway from CEO to my great readers?

5 winners of N10,000 each will emerge at the end of the giveaway on monthly basis at exactly 31th for the next 3 consecutive months. The giveaway will be spread between now till December of this  to accommodate every reader basically from our facebook page . This means we will be having a winner everymonth.

.Please you also need to take note of this if you want to be one of our winners. It’s VERY IMPORTANT:
* Ensure you follow our facebook page with the name "Aynaijang.com" through the link below >>👇👇

* Ensure you comment with your facebook name, click on "Like botton" on every of our post,  read the news to know what to comment and make sure you comment using what you've read cuz we going to track that, and finally share the news from our page to your facebook wall or friends to increase your chances of winning.

Winners will be contacted only through the facebook name and their names will be announced right on our facebook page.

This the time to compensate Aynaijang.com reliable readers.


Aynaijang CEO!


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